Why Do Straight Girls Kiss Other Girls?

Why Do Straight Girls Kiss Other Girls? This is a question that many guys, other girls, and just about anyone else who has questioned the true intention of this particular action. For men that are in a relationship with a woman who has admitted to him that she has in the past kissed another woman; he is automatically wondering and concerned if his girlfriend is going to cheat on him with another woman. Most men have nothing to worry about unless your girlfriend is truly bisexual. 

Most straight women kiss other girls because there is usually alcohol involved and they are in party mode. They are simply doing it for fun or trying to get a guys attention. They think kissing another girl is a form of showing off and creating a stir around them. Is it role model behavior? Of course it is not. Most straight women kiss friends of theirs; it’s also known that many straight women will make out with other women they just met that night. Once in the party mode and they done their deed; most women never think about it.

This is due to these straight women do not find another woman sexually attractive. Straight women can simply appreciate another woman’s body. There is not sexual appeal to the below the waist area. They do not view a woman in the way that they view a man. They are some that also touch the breast of another woman, but do not go as far as playing with the nipple or areola area with their fingers or mouth. Some guys get a kick out of this kind of behavior while others are left confused and do not appreciate their girlfriends acting in this manner.

The guys who are bothered by women who do this think that when alcohol is involved it allows the woman to bring out her bisexual nature. They think that these women are secretly hiding the fact that they are gay or bisexual, but when partying and alcohol is involved it gives them an excuse to act upon those desires. This may sound true, but it is hardly the truth. Of course, there may be some women who are ashamed of being gay or bisexual so they take full advantage of the blame on alcohol excuse.

If you catch your girl listening to Katy Perry’s “I kissed a girl and I like it” please don’t be alarmed. Should you guys worry about your girlfriends kissing a girl past? No, she is not gay and she will not leave nor cheat on you with another girl. You just have to let her know that she cannot have “fun” with another girl now that she is with you.

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