Top 5 Tips To Keeping The Spark Alive In Your Relationship After Kids

Being a mother of two small children, I know how easy it is to allow the day to day distractions to come in the way of ™your relationship or marriage. While this may not be a big deal if it only happens on occasions it is a HUGE issue when it becomes a part of daily life. All too often after a couple moves in together and especially after they have children things begin to change. This change may take place little by little or seem to happen over night. Either way these changes usually lead to one or both partners feeling neglected and as if the ‘spark’ in the relationship has died out. 

After having children it can become challenging to find time to use the restroom let alone do anything else. However, you have to make your relationship or marriage just as big of a priority as you make your children. Anyone who has been in a long term relationship can tell you, that keeping the spark alive is crucial to having a successful and fulfilling relationship. One of the main reasons couples breakup or end up cheating is due to this exact reason. This is because the “spark” in a relationship is so important. It’s the “spark” that makes one feel special and brings on those butterfly feeling, the feeling of being loved, accepted and appreciated.

Top 5 Ways To Keep The Spark Alive In Your Relationship After Kids

  1. Make time for each other EVERYDAY even if it’s only an hour. Use this time to talk about your day, any plans you wish to make, exciting things that have happen, etc. Try to keep the focus as positive as possible to make this time more enjoyable!
  2. Touch and kiss each other every chance you get. Physical contact is very important especially to women. This helps to keep the sexual tension going and makes your partner still feel loved and better yet desired by you.
  3. Go to bed at the same time together. Children should have their own bed, but in cases where this isn’t possible compromise from time to time. Try laying out a blanket on the floor with some pillows so that you can have some fun time or cuddle time together.
  4. Plan a date night at lease once or twice a month. You should really try at least once every other week to plan some time away from the kids so that you can focus on each other and reconnect with one another. You need time away from all the day to day stresses so you can enjoy one another.
  5. Make family time couple time as well. When having family time make sure that you work together as a team. This will help to make you both feel connected and get some of the much needed attention you need from your partner. Plus it sets great examples for the children.

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