Top 5 Men Must Dos On The First Date

Everyone has read articles about what men should not do on the first date. He should not check out other women, he should not hit on the waitress or hostess, etc. But what about the must dos? What are some things a man should do to make sure he captures a woman™s attention and lets her know he is a good catch? No worries! I have the perfect list of must dos for the single men. 

Top 5 Men Must Dos On The First Date:

1. Dress To Impress: A man should show up for his date looking well groomed and dressed appropriately. He does not have to be dressed in a suit and tie, but at least wear a button down shirt and clean cut jeans.

2. Show Confidence: Don™t worry men your dates are probably just as nervous as you will be. Showing confidence is a huge attractive quality and will make your date become calm as well.

3. Be Polite: Men need to show their dates that chivalry is not dead. Pull out her chair for her, open doors, etc. Also be very polite to the staff at the restaurant that you are attending. A woman does not need to see you being aggressive and rude to someone who may or may not deserve it.

4. Smile: Smiling (of course not creepy) is a sign for your date that you are indeed interested in her. Making eye contact while you both are engaged in a conversation can be quite flattering as well. Let her know that you are extremely interested in her.

5. Pay The Check: Do not make your date pay half or all of the check. Are you crazy? This is a big no, no on the first date. You will be showing her that you are a true gentleman and it will also show her that you have the ability to take care of her if you both decide to become an item.

Once you learn these simple must dos all you need to do is now plan out your second date. She will feel lucky that she had the opportunity to enjoy your company that evening. You should feel the same way, especially if everything went perfect on the date.

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