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10 Ways To Seduce Your Guy Part #3

Meet Locals Blog is back to close off the weekend with 10 more ways in which you can seduce your guy. We’ve already released, 10 Ways To Seduce Your Guy Part #1 &  Ways To Seduce Your Guy Part #2 and now we have our 3rd and final list bumping with tons of sexy and easy ways to seduce your guy and have him melt at the very sight or thought of you.

10 Ways To Seduce Your Guy Part #3:

  • 1. If you have opaque shower curtains, switch them to a clear one. Call your guy in while you soap up your breasts. Most likely he’ll jump in right with you.
  • 2. When having a drink with your man, scoop an ice cube off his drink and drop it down your shirt/blouse and ask him to look for it. He’ll never want to go for a dive like this ever again!
  • 3. When you arrive home, strip off your clothes but leave your high heels or stilettos on as you prance around, discarding of garments and accessories and picking up as you go along. Before you even realize it he’ll be drooling.
  • 4. On your way back home from an outing ask him to enter an address into the GPS, specifically the address to a sex toy store. Of course, don’t reveal where you are going yet. He’ll be utterly stoked once he arrives and sees that he might have some fun in stored for the rest of the night.
  • 5. Ask your guy to hand you something from inside your purse in which he’ll discover your dirty little book with awesome sex moves. He’s going to be dazzled.
  • 6. Before snuggling next to your guy on the couch for some Tv and relaxation time, slip into one of his over sized  buttoned shirts with nothing else under. Surely, you can say goodbye to relaxation as well as the buttons on the shirt in exchange for some passionate love making.
  • 7. Tell your lover boy that you’re going out with some girlfriends for some drinks but instead take a pole dancing class. When you get back home, tell him what you’ve really been up to and moreover, show him the sexy routine you’ve learned. He’ll be completely blown away!
  • 8. While going around town with your guy, taking care of mundane errands, take the time to discreetly graze him with your butt on his package area very purposefully.
  • 9. When you want “it” be bold and ruthless, if you will…? Grab his hand and place right between your legs and give him a “I want you right now look.” He’ll love the boldness.
  • 10. If you do Yoga, do it naked. Wake up one morning before he does and begin your yoga routine completely in the nude. When he wakes up, he is going to wake up to a sight that will knock the wind out of him!

So, there you have it. We sure hope you like this installment of 1o Ways To Seduce Your Guy. Again, they’re simple ways of always surprising your guy with sexy moves that will always leave him in awe. Sex isn’t everything in a relationship, but it sure does make things much more peachier. We encourage all you gals out there to go out of your way just a tad to “wow” your guy. He’ll be charmed, impressed and wanting you more than ever. It’s always worth putting a little extra out there for your loved one instead of settling in some safe and monotone state. Get wild!

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