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No.2 Turn Off For Men & Women is Lack Of Self Esteem

No one wants to be with someone who doesn’t have self confidence/self esteem/self worth. The fact is, if you don’t love and value yourself no one else will want to love or value you. At the same point if you are unable to love yourself you will be unable to love others. Having a lack of self esteem leads to further issues such as jealousy and lack of trust. Lack of self esteem only leads to a trickling effect of negative.

The way you see and view yourself effects every aspect of your life. A person with good self confidence is more likely to invest more time in themselves and the things they do. They will care more about their appearance, put more time and effort into projects, have a more positive attitude and out look on life as a whole. On the other hand, the lack of self confidence/esteem/worth will usually cause a person to shy back, not care as much about their self image, feel negative about themselves and the world around them, etc.

Stop for a second and truly evaluate yourself for a moment. Where is your self confidence/esteem/worth? If you see that it isnít as high as it should be stop to think of ways you can improve it.

Here are some tips to raise your self esteem.

  • Give yourself a makeover
  • Buy yourself a new outfit and/or shoes
  • Take more time to get ready and groom yourself
  • Don’t shy away instead stand tall with your head up
  • Remove negative thoughts from your mind

The better you look the better you’ll feel about yourself. Remember you have the choice to see the glass as half full or half empty. Positive thoughts bring positive actions. Always remember to believe in yourself!

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No.1 Turn Off for Men & Women is Bad Personal Hygiene

When doing a survey on people biggest turnoffs it became clear that the number 1 turn off for both men and women was poor hygiene. Lets face it no one wants to be with the smelly kid in class. Keeping up with your hygiene is an absolute must, especially if you want to find a significant other. Whether it’s for personal, social, psychological or health reasons; keeping up with your hygiene is a major necessity. Poor hygiene leads to unpleasant odors, infections and can even cause serious illnesses. Poor hygiene is a sign of low self worth which leads to low self esteem.

Tips to increase your personal hygiene and increase your dating chances:
– Go to the dentist for regular cleanings and check ups.
– Brush your teeth at least twice a day. (chew gum in-between brushings to freshen breath)
– Shower at least twice a day.
– Do not wear clothes or shoes that are dirty, have holes and or stains on them.
– Wash your hair at least every other day or daily if you sweat a lot.
– Drinks water! (By drinking at least the recommended amounts of water daily you can improve your skin condition, flush toxins from your system and improve your digestive system.)

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