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5 Tips For A Great Date/Online Dating Inspired By Zooey Deschanel

In the latest issue of Self Magazine, Zooey Deschanel is interviewed. She’s the talented and beautiful Indie actress and indie Musician. Zooey Deschanel is in the band “She & Him.” In her interview for Self magazine, she gives incredibly good and useful advise on how to feel good, which in turn, turn out to be great dating tips, whether your going on real date versus an online cam date…

Zooey Descahnel Advises (I’m Paraphrasing) Here Are 5 Great Tips for a Great Date/Online Dating:

  • 1. Put Yourself Out There.

Zooey Deschanel has really become fond of Twitter. So if your current status is single, put yourself out there by joining one of the hip and happening online dating sites. Meet singles and start chatting today. Talking and feeling loose will surely boost your self esteem. Personalize your about me section or adult personal so that you target people with similar interests.

  • 2. Value What Works For You!

Zooey Deschanel loves music and considers it her first love. What’s your greatest passion when you’re by your lonesome? What triggers motivation and inspiration in you? Whatever it may be, whether it’s music, writing, reading, baking, naps, it can be anything, value it as it will fill you up with self worth making you more self confident when you go on dates or while you video chat with hunky singles.


Intensati is when you shout positive affirmations to yourself while working out. It can be any kind of work out like: Dancing, yoga, cardio or martial arts. This will open your heart to your self while you fill it up with good vibes/affirmations about yourself that will transpire when your chatting online or having a cam date.

  • 4. Jukari Fit Fly

Okay, this a tricky one, also, practiced by the very clever Zooey Deschanel. Basically, its a Cirque du Soleil inspired cardio exercise in which you use a low hanging tze to keep your balance, while you jump and and spin your abs flat. Yes, its sounds mighty hard and I’ve yet to try this. But Zooey promises a hearty laugh and laughing is good. Keeps you young and makes you a much more pleasant and approachable person. For more info on this exercise you can visit:

  • 5. Breath Work Meditation

This is another tricky one, because of fund issues. It’s a meditation class that guarantees you will leave the chillest person ever. It’s a three part breathing technique/exercise that will help you relax more than a power nap or the strongest of alcoholic beverages. Naturally, being relaxed on a date should come in handy. Nothing is more uncomfortable than fidgeting and worrying throughout your entire date whether it’s a live one or cam date. Everyone desires to be chill, if not there wouldn’t be so many alcoholics in the world. If you want to learn more about this class, visit: also, you can try other meditation methods. You might consider buying David Lynch’s book on meditation: Catching The Big Fish.

Zooey Deschanel is filled with curious ideas that should sure do sound beneficial whether you’re on a date or just for your well being all around. Other suggestions include, finding a theme song for yourself and exercise to feel good, not just to slim down. Which makes perfect sense, working out is not only great to loose weight but it’s a good way to feel good about yourself, remain energetic and healthy which in turn will make you an awesome, sexy and chill date.

Here’s an awesome song from She & Him† that should motivate you to find your own personal theme song. Mine is “She’s Lost Control” Joy Division. What’s yours? Drop your comments and opinions!


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Sexy Singles In Austin,Texas

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Train Wreck Relationships

Sometimes we find ourselves in relationships that resemble a train wreck much more than a loving relationship where two people share common interests, admiration and respect. However, these toxic, train wreck unions sometimes become a vicious cycle of fighting and making up only to fight again. Needless to say, itís detrimental to a personís state of mind and self esteem.

Here are just a few Red Flags that indicate that youíre in a train wreck of a relationship, in case you havenít noticed:

  • You curse and disrespect each other often if not all the time.
  • You donít respect each otherís privacy.
  • You donít trust the person youíre in a relationship with. (Constant accusations of being unfaithful and cheating)
  • You make up after youíve said the most atrocious things to one another, broken walls and threatened each other physically.
  • If you feel a nagging resentment for your spouse/boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • You canít even hold the simplest conversation without it turning into a full blown out fight.

These are some of the many common traits of downward spiral relationships. If you find yourself in one and this has been going on for longer than you can even remember. Itís time MOVE ON. Not only are you ruining your life but that one of your spouse/boyfriend and vice versa. Someone in the relationship has to conjure up the courage to put an end to the viciousness. Itís not fair to any of you.

Sometimes things can end up even worse than the miserable days you impose on one another. Put an end to it before something you canít walk away from happens that will indefinitely ruin your lives. Couples counseling also may be helpful. But when youíve gone this far, at least a good break from each other to reflect on your relationship is recommended.

If youíre single and looking to get it on, try online dating. Meet tons of local singles and revamp your personal life!

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