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5 Moves That Make You Girlfriend Material Part #2

Meet Locals blog is back with 5 Moves That Make You Girlfriend Material Part #2 as we promised. As you may have already read in this article’s first installment- looks aren’t all. Sure, they shouldn’t be put on the back burner but no need to go broke when you can touch his heart and soul with sexy yet generous and genuine moves that will rock your guy’s world and make you the perfect, girl material he’s been looking for.

Here are next 5 Moves That Make You Girlfriend Material:

  • – Make Him a Killer Meal.

Sure, it’s the oldest trick in the book but this one always seems to work like a charm. Instead of going out for dinner, stay in and whip him a killer meal he’ll never forget, following with desert; Which preferably should be you…

  • – Tone Down Your Make-Up Ritual.

He wants to see what you really look like. If you always have 3 layers of makeup on, he’ll begin wondering why. Most men appreciate a girl that can be natural.

  • – Pay Attention To Your Guy.

It’s not just about paying attention to your guy but caring about the small things as well. He wants to know that you have his back no matter what. Being a good listener is key!

  • – Speak Your Mind.

While your guy desires a sweet girl, he also, likes a woman that’s also capable of taking a stand and speaking her mind. If there’s something that’s bothering you, let him know.

  • – Show Off Your Assets.

While everything does not revolve around how hot you are. You must remind your guy what a sexy girl he has by him, as you rock some leggings and nice shoes.

The tips above conclude this installment of Meet Locals Blog in which we share cool tips to “wow” your guy and make you the precise, girlfreind material he dreams of. As you can see, these are things that can easily be accomplished as you rock your sunny disposition attached to your good looks and your confidence of freely and honestly expressing your true emotions.

Try out these moves and lets us know how they worked out for you. Be sure to drop your comments here at Meet Locals Blog. Tune in regularly for updates on relationship advice and online dating tips.

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Why Do People Become Alarmed When You Say ‘We Need To Talk’

Have you ever wondered why when you mention the need or desire to TALK people automatically become alarmed and  defensive. I finally figured it out after reading an article on Pretty Fed Up. It brought a whole new light to what that phrase actually means. Now I understand why people react the way they do; it’s cause they have every right to.  It said that ‘talk’ equals ‘alarming changes’, I’m sure we can all agree that alarming changes are scary and a good reason to feel defensive and prepared for the worse.  Read the rest of this entry »

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4 Topics To Impress A Woman

It is widely known that women love to talk about everything, while men not so much. If you want to ensure some kind of future date you better start learning how to converse with a woman. There are plenty of topics to talk about, but there are only a few that will you get brownie points for.

4 Topics To Impress A Woman:

1. Your Career/Job: Women like hearing about how the guy they are seeing or dating work went for the day or week. Discuss what you do and anything that went on for you during your work day. Even if you are not working at your dream job yet tell her about your future career plans and what you would like to achieve.

2. Your Childhood: Women love hearing about your past, especially your childhood. It gives them a sense that they can know you better and relate to you on a more personal level.

3. Your Future Plans: Discuss any future plans that you have whether they are about a dream house you want to purchase, a career change/improvement, or if you are further on in the relationship discuss about your plans of getting married. Sharing the same long term goals and interests makes the relationship grow stronger.

4. Compliments/Appreciation: Telling the women that you are into that you truly appreciate her and giving heartfelt compliments will really win you over. As well as letting her know that you are there for here.

Implementing these topics in your conversational log with truly impress any woman your are dating or in a relationship with.

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Top 5 Reasons Why He Isn’t Ready To Commit

Women always wonder why the men that they have been seeing for the past six months or so just dont want to commit. There are many reasons why some men would commit to their beautiful girlfriends, but here are the Top 5 Reasons Why He Isnt Ready To Commit:

1. He Still Wants To Be A Bachelor: Committing to a woman means that he cannot date other women. Especially, if he doesnt know exactly what he is looking for.

2. None Of His Group Are Committed: Most men unfortunately value what their friends say just a tad bit too much. If no one else in his group of friends is committed, it will make it harder for him to be the first one.

3. Hes Not Really Into You: Maybe he likes to go out with you on dates because you are a fun chick. But he doesnt see you as someone he would fully commit too.

4. He Is Scared: He might have had a rough relationship before dating you and he just doesnt know how to trust someone again. These are things that need to be addressed early on in the dating game.

5. He Is Selfish: When you become committed with someone you have to make time for that person as well in your life. When I guy cannot commit he doesnt want to share his time and thats being selfish.

If you are dealing with this type of man it is time to move on if he isnt willing to change. Join an adult dating site to meet real men in your area today.

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3 Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special

Its all about making your partner happy nowadays. Men love having their women give them compliments and make them feel special. There are some very simple ways you can accomplish this. Here are the 3 Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special:

1. Act jealous every so often. Not crazy jealous, but once in awhile do so (even if you are not the jealous type). It shows you care enough and dont want anyone else to have him.

2. If you catch someone checking him out, let him know. This will make him feel that he still got it. Dont do it too often because you dont want him to get overly confident.

3. Most men love working with power tools. Every once in awhile ask him to mount, fix, or hang something.

These are very simple ways to make him feel special. It is important in any relationship that both parties feel appreciated and special often. This is what makes the relationship strong and long lasting. Good luck!!!


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