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Life After a Divorce

Divorce is rough all around. I mean, just the word “divorce” sounds like a curse word. It should be put in the family with the “F” word. But life after the fact, can be more rewarding than ever. Some may think that after they’ve lost their marriage and what not that there’s not much to look forward to. Well, they couldn’t be any further from the truth…

A divorce sucks while you’re going through it and what not. But once it’s over with and you’ve divided your stuff in half and all the petty crap that goes into this separation, life becomes blissful. I mean, how could you have expected anything else? Nothing blows more than being stuck in a marriage that doesn’t function, the only solution is a DIVORCE. Once this is done, you can start all over.

It doesn’t matter if you live in a smaller place, if you have less money, if you’re furniture is not as pretty as before. None of these things mean a thing when you have yourself back all to yourself. This includes parents, if you have children, even if your quality in life, monetary wise is not as abundant, you’ll be a better parent, because you’ll be a happier person. You’ll have all the time in the world to invest with your little ones even if it’s just coloring, watching movies and concerts and going to the park. They will blossom and rejoice with your happiness.

Once you’ve tied the knot, a divorce is not easy on anyone. But at the end of the day, it’s a hump you just have to get over and once you do, the world expands for you once again. You’ll feel alive, beautiful, capable and most importantly, you will have the the will and urgency to do live your life joyfully once again, without taking anything for granted.

Divorce, as ugly as the word sounds is a second opportunity at life. You can do whatever you want. Just be sure not to mess this second chance by being hasty and reckless. Date, but there’s no need to dive into a relationship off the bat. Best option for newbie divorcees, is online dating. They’re are tons of free online dating sites where you can begin to meet new people and get your feet wet while not doing a complete dive. Rejoice on your divorce- Like in the movie: Crazy, Stupid Love…”It could have been cancer.”

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Chat With Sexy Gentlemen In St. Petersburg, Florida

Let’s be honest ladies you know that you have fantasized that you can just go into mall and purchase the ideal man. Now you are able to Meet Hot Guys with just the click of your mouse. Once registering on the adult dating site, which doesn’t cost anything to join, you can only talk to what your perfect gentleman is and the online dating site will provide you with a list of potential dudes. This experience is like going shopping at your choice of department store purchasing a brand new heels to wear.

As for signing up the process is quick and effortless. In minutes you will have your user profile up and running to begin looking for the perfect gentlemen for you. You don’t have to worry about going on unwanted dates and wasting your precious time anymore. You are the only person in control and you can make a decision on the perfect match for you. What are you waiting for? Make your way to your Mac or Android phone and register this morning! Remember, in minutes you could Meet Hot Guys in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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Tips For Women On How To Hook Up Your Adult Personal

If your going to start doing some adult online dating, your adult personal is crucial to your online dating success. You need to perceive your adult personal as yourself in a virtual form.

  • 1. Pictures.

You need to have a few pictures. I’m thinking somewhere between 4 to 6 pictures. Get creative and if you don’t have too many pictures of yourself, change outfits and take pictures in different rooms of the house or outside, in the car, etc. No one wants to check out a profile if it doesn’t have pictures and just one picture makes your adult personal seem bogus.

  • 2. Sexy Pictures.

You should include at least one sexy picture. I’m not saying you have to be naked, but maybe show off your curves or your amazing breasts in a spaghetti strap blouse that allows a little cleavage to show. If you’re going to do nudes, just be prepared for the attention you get. If you go all nude then this means you want raunchy attention. Men will be men especially if you give them incentive.

  • 3. Information.

Sadly, people don’t’ want to read much now a days, so make your information section short and sweet but include your main interests, where you are from and include anything you think is special about yourself…

  • 4. What Are You Looking For.

In this section you have the opportunity to jot down everything your looking for in a man. Don’t get too idealistic, because it’s childish and you should leave your day dreaming for some other time. Right now your trying to score, so be realistic when you describe what your looking for in a man. Examples include: Must have job, not married, lives in the area, no drugs etc…It all really depends on what you’re looking for.

These tips should set you off to a great beginning in the journey of online dating. As long as you include these things you should be ready to go. The most important thing is that you’ve put yourself out there, now you just have to reamin approachable and before you know it you’ll be chatting with tons of single men until you single one out.

Good Luck Ladies!


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5 Tips For A Great Date/Online Dating Inspired By Zooey Deschanel

In the latest issue of Self Magazine, Zooey Deschanel is interviewed. She’s the talented and beautiful Indie actress and indie Musician. Zooey Deschanel is in the band “She & Him.” In her interview for Self magazine, she gives incredibly good and useful advise on how to feel good, which in turn, turn out to be great dating tips, whether your going on real date versus an online cam date…

Zooey Descahnel Advises (I’m Paraphrasing) Here Are 5 Great Tips for a Great Date/Online Dating:

  • 1. Put Yourself Out There.

Zooey Deschanel has really become fond of Twitter. So if your current status is single, put yourself out there by joining one of the hip and happening online dating sites. Meet singles and start chatting today. Talking and feeling loose will surely boost your self esteem. Personalize your about me section or adult personal so that you target people with similar interests.

  • 2. Value What Works For You!

Zooey Deschanel loves music and considers it her first love. What’s your greatest passion when you’re by your lonesome? What triggers motivation and inspiration in you? Whatever it may be, whether it’s music, writing, reading, baking, naps, it can be anything, value it as it will fill you up with self worth making you more self confident when you go on dates or while you video chat with hunky singles.


Intensati is when you shout positive affirmations to yourself while working out. It can be any kind of work out like: Dancing, yoga, cardio or martial arts. This will open your heart to your self while you fill it up with good vibes/affirmations about yourself that will transpire when your chatting online or having a cam date.

  • 4. Jukari Fit Fly

Okay, this a tricky one, also, practiced by the very clever Zooey Deschanel. Basically, its a Cirque du Soleil inspired cardio exercise in which you use a low hanging tze to keep your balance, while you jump and and spin your abs flat. Yes, its sounds mighty hard and I’ve yet to try this. But Zooey promises a hearty laugh and laughing is good. Keeps you young and makes you a much more pleasant and approachable person. For more info on this exercise you can visit:

  • 5. Breath Work Meditation

This is another tricky one, because of fund issues. It’s a meditation class that guarantees you will leave the chillest person ever. It’s a three part breathing technique/exercise that will help you relax more than a power nap or the strongest of alcoholic beverages. Naturally, being relaxed on a date should come in handy. Nothing is more uncomfortable than fidgeting and worrying throughout your entire date whether it’s a live one or cam date. Everyone desires to be chill, if not there wouldn’t be so many alcoholics in the world. If you want to learn more about this class, visit: also, you can try other meditation methods. You might consider buying David Lynch’s book on meditation: Catching The Big Fish.

Zooey Deschanel is filled with curious ideas that should sure do sound beneficial whether you’re on a date or just for your well being all around. Other suggestions include, finding a theme song for yourself and exercise to feel good, not just to slim down. Which makes perfect sense, working out is not only great to loose weight but it’s a good way to feel good about yourself, remain energetic and healthy which in turn will make you an awesome, sexy and chill date.

Here’s an awesome song from She & Him  that should motivate you to find your own personal theme song. Mine is “She’s Lost Control” Joy Division. What’s yours? Drop your comments and opinions!


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Meet Single Men Wichita Kansas

Wichita, Kansas is packing with fine looking, single men. Don’t forget Johnny Depp emerged with his talent and utter gorgeousness from a small town in Kansas.

Find your hottie in Wichita, Kansas via Meet Locals, it’s just about the best online dating site on the web. If you’re living in Wichita, Kansas looking to meet single men, Meet Locals will take you one step closer. Join Meet Locals this very instant and start meeting gorgeous, single men from Wichita, Kansas

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Meet Single Guys In Memphis,Tennessee

If you’re in the Memphis area in Tennessee and are searching for single guys, Meet Locals is the ideal dating site for you for it makes meeting single guys very easy. You can search for singles in your area and chat online or video chat…It’s absolutely fun and facilitates your online dating experience.

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Men Want To See Niples & Curves At All Times

Men want to see nipples all the time, if not they’ll dump you: This what I learned from reading Cosmo’s latest issue… Is that the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard? I almost tossed out my Cosmo magazine after reading that article written by some jerk. The article was about some guy that was ready to dump his girlfriend because he didn’t like her long, red nightgown that didn’t reveal much.

He says that “us” women have to keep them lusting even when were about to go to bed. He suggested sexier sleepwear that shows more nipples and curves. “Dude, either you have them or you don’t.”  You shouldn’t have to be searching for these curves so much. They should be apparent no matter what she wears.

My advice to this guy or any other guy going through the same turmoil: “Liberate your girlfriend from your gay ass, apparently you don’t really like or love her if such an insignificant detail is driving you to consider “dumping” your girl…”

Tune in to Meet Locals for more on relationships, online dating, celebrity news and much more. Drop any comments or suggestions!

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