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Kourtney Kardashian Kicks Her Boyfriend- Scott Disick Out

Kourtney Kardashian has finally had it with her boyfriend- Scott Disick and has asked him to move out. Apparently, Scott Disick has gone completely wild once again. The Kardashians and their boyfriends are relocating to Miami as they prepare to film “Kourtney & Kim Take Miami.” They’re all going to be living together in a building but Scott Disick will have his own apartment. It’s not like it makes much of a difference since the couple don’t even sleep in the same bedroom per her request.

But it seems as though things are just getting worse between Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick since he’s decide that he’s just going to arty with girls, stay out all night long drinking and partying and possibly doing coke. He’s having terrible mood swing, he’s always crabby and the dude just doesn’t seem to like being around Kourtney and her family- dude just wants to get drunk.

However, I’ve seen a few shows and it seems like every time Scott Disick is trying to do better, everyone- including Kourtney kick him down and though that’s no excuse to get drunk and belligerent it sure is a trigger to go out and escape from all the negativity. They all treat him like some idiot that needs constant supervision and therefore, he just ends up acting up. Again, there’s no excuse since he’s the father of two babies that need a father. If I were Scott Disick I would send all the Kardashians where the sun don’t shine and then I would get some help for his drinking problem on his own accord and terms. I would also, ask Kourtney Kardashian to lay off and be a little more understanding rather than treating him as if he was one of her kids.

Anyway, so the family is off to Miami and they’re totally freaked out about Scott Disick being in Miami. They predict that the party animal is going to be up all night partying at clubs, especially that the clubs in Miami are open basically all night right until the morning which was not the case in L.A. Kourtney Kardashian says she hates him and cannot trust him, but does not know how to break up with him for good. Sounds like she’s in a pickle

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I feel like these two can really work things out if they distance themselves from the rest of the Kardashians and quit the reality series. They have enough money, but apparently, it’s never enough because they know whatever drama that happens in Miami with Scott Disick is only going to bring ratings up. Therefore, they’ll be banking in more cash, but at what price? Does Kourtney Kardashian really think it’s necessary  to sacrifice herself  and her children that she loves so much ? It’s not worth it!

What do you Meet Locals Blog readers think about the situation between Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick? Drop your comments right here.

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Kristen Stewart Cheats On Robert Pattison- She Receives Oral Sex From Rupert Sanders Inside Of Car

Twilight fans out there today will either be utterly sad or bursting with fruit flavor as Kristen Stewart is caught cheating on Robert Pattinson. Racy photos have surfaced in which Kristen Stewart is kissing and being held by Rupert Sanders, the director for Snow White and the Huntsman in very compromising ways. There’s no doubt that both parties were being unfaithful to their corresponding partners. Kristen Stewart has been dating her Twilight, co-star- Robert Pattinson and Ruper Sanders is married to model- Liberty Ross and they have two small children together. Obviously, this little affair or “mistake” as Kristen Stewart puts it is putting many people through oodles of pain.

In one of the photos it appears as if Kristen Stewart is receiving oral sex from Rupert Sanders as all you can see is her back and her arms stretched across the seat and Rupert going downtown as well as kissing her entire body. We can only imagine how devastated Robert Pattinson might be as he always spoke so highly of his beloved. In an interview he once expressed that he didn’t understand “cheating.” He stated: “But there’s a thing I’ve never got: That is, why do people cheat?” He continued by saying: I can understand the impulse, But not how you can keep two relationships going at the same time for long.” Maybe Kristen Stewart can explain to him now. This is truly tragic, scandalous and unsettling discovery.

Meanwhile, Liberty Ross– Tweeted: “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” After her tweet she immediately deactivated her Twitter account. Is there any hope for any of these couples to reconcile and get past this? It seems highly doubtful, even for the forever devoted Robert Pattinson.The pictures are much to revealing and hurtful.

Sources close to Kristen Stewart say she is equally devastated and filled with regret. She says she never meant to hurt anyone and that it was a “mistake and poor use of judgement.” Rupert Sanders is 19 years her senior, could the very cautious, beautiful and intelligent- Kristen Stewart have been a victim of being dazzled/seduced by an older man with more experience, that knew just how to make this witty gal cave in? Or is she simply a cheating and thoughtless person who didn’t care about her relationship or damage she could cause to Rupert and his family?

Even creepier is that Liberty Ross had a small role in Snow White and the Huntsmen, as she plays the mother of two children in the destroyed kingdom…Now it’s all just too real and merely just a small part in a big movie.

All in all, Kristen Stewart messed up big time and if she loves Rob, she’s going to pay with blood and tears. This kind of revelation changes you forever and the ones affected by it. Whether she meant to or not; whether she was seduced or not, she’s still grown enough and smart enough to have put a swift stop to these actions.

Tune into Meet Locals Blog for more news on this developing scandal as we gather more information. Drop your comments on this matter here on Meet Locals Blog, we’d love to hear all your thoughts on this scandalous occurrence.

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Things “He” Enjoys Doing On Sunday Evenings

Sundays, can be just as bad as Mondays. Sundays, indicate the ending of yet another short lived weekend. It also, indicates to a long work week ahead, that despite the weekend ‘rest‘ we just don’t feel rested enough… However, we’re coping with the doom that Sundays point to with positive\fun things your guy still enjoys doing on Sundays despite the fact- and why not?

Here Are Some Things “He” Enjoys Doing On Sunday Evenings:

  • Cooking.

Cooking a big meal with you is “all that” to him. First off, men love to eat. If you cook from home, you’re in your territory so still somewhat in a chill sort of mood. The aroma of the spices cooking up are also, really calming.

  • Getting To Bed Early.

This doesn’t necessarily mean “going to sleep” but just getting cozy under the sheets with you with some uninterrupted spooning is just heaven to him.

  • Watching TV.

He probably doesn’t watch much TV during the week and then Friday and Saturday nights are usually party nights, so watching TV alongside some brews and your sexy self, will make his Sunday just blissful.

  • Going To A Restaurant.

Maybe there’s a restaurant he’s been dying to go to, but it’s always jam packed. Sundays are great to go to these hot spots for most people are cooped up at home as they wait the inevitable Monday.

  • Having A Couple Drinks.

Sure, it’s Sunday and Monday is lurking. Will a couple of drinks hurt? Certainly not, they might even be much more calming. Just don’t go all out and get wasted. You can’t blame that on Monday, that was all your doing.

Make the best of your Sunday with your guy. He probably doesn’t want to end the weekend just yet. Naturally, it’s not a good night to throw the house out the window, but some cautioned fun, will just make Sunday, easy as it was intended to be.

Tune into Meet Locals Blog for updates on dating and much more!

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Is Kim Kardashian a Positive Role Model or Not?

Kim Kardashian has been called a wonderful role model for young women, because of her success and her confidence as she flaunts her curvaceous body freely. She’s also been called a lush with no substance, money grubbing and superficial. What do you guys think? Is Kim Kardashian of substance or just smoke and mirrors?

Without a doubt, Kim Kardashian is a gorgeous, young woman with tons of success, beauty and wealth. But do these traits amount to much when it comes to the human spirit? Not one bit…As far as I can tell from the few times I’ve seen episodes of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and other spins offs of the original series, Kim Kardashian is nothing but pretty face with a banging body that needs a whole lot of preparation before actually showing herself on camera.

Sure, her beauty can be breath taking, but like those paintings that look gorgeous from far away but the closer you get to them, the uglier they seem- is one way to describe- Kim Kardashian to a “T“.

To begin with. if you observe her when she speaks, she lacks confidence, which is fine if she wasn’t such a cocky person. She wears way too much make-up and has cosmetic work done which she certainly did not need and it makes her look much older, frozen and fake.

All around she seems to be money hungry and a bottomless pit, a glutton of sorts. Of all three Kardashian sisters she resembles her mother- Kris Jenner the most, which is another money grubbing broad that will pull any stunt to gain money, wealth and fame.

All in all many give her props for being a successful, business woman and beautiful. But is she in fact? The fact of the matter that the “Kardashian” name is what put her on the map, along with her ass. She was wealthy before anyone knew a thing about her and she really hasn’t had to work hard for anything in her life. Should she be hated for this? Of course not! But should be given credit for it. “I think not.”

The fact of the matter, is that Kim Kardashian is probably the worse role mode for girls and young women. What are women suppose to learn from this gem of a woman? There really isn’t much because she really doesn’t seem all that bright and she’s just a pretty girl with big boobs and an ass. What notable traits that she really bestow? What grand contribution has she given human kind, except a sex tape and some eye candy.

Ladies, don’t buy into the crap that Kim Kardashian is great role model. For all you know, you’re much better of a role model than she’ll ever be. The physique aspect- about being able to flaunt your round butt and succulent curves should be credited to Jennifer Lopez.

What do you guys think, is Kim Kardashian a positive or a negative role mode?

Drop your comments here at Meet Locals Blog for we’d love to hear all about it!

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When A Guy Doesn’t Cuddle With You After Sex, Does It Mean He’s Not Into You?

The first time a woman has sex with a guy they like is a really a big deal. Details during the love making and the aftermath are crucial, especially to us women. We determine or make many assumptions based on the actions during and after sex. For example, cuddling… Yes, most of us ladies truly enjoy cuddling after sex. A lot of men do as well, but not all of them. Does the fact that a guy doesn’t cuddle with you after sex mean he’s not into you? Absolutely not! It can simply mean he’s ambushed from the amazing orgasm he had and just wants to go sleep.

On the downside, sometimes, especially if you’re dating someone that’s not really looking into forming a relationship or anything relative serious, he’ll use not cuddling as a way to convey this message. It’s a kind of mean, but they will do it, because these guys just really don’t care and don’t want you to become emotionally attached.

The fact of the matter is, that you can’t blatantly assume that if a guy doesn’t cuddle with you after sex means he’s not into you, or dislikes you. However, observe your guy, see if he shows other acts of endearment to compensate for not cuddling. If you want to get down to the pudding, you can always just ask. He can always lie. But if he really likes you, he’ll make sure to convince you that he does like you and just didn’t cuddle because he was much too tired or simply not into cuddling.

Drop your comments, opinions and questions here at Meet Locals Blog for we’d love to hear all about it. Tune in regularly for update on dating tip and much more.

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5 Moves That Make You Girlfriend Material Part #2

Meet Locals blog is back with 5 Moves That Make You Girlfriend Material Part #2 as we promised. As you may have already read in this article’s first installment- looks aren’t all. Sure, they shouldn’t be put on the back burner but no need to go broke when you can touch his heart and soul with sexy yet generous and genuine moves that will rock your guy’s world and make you the perfect, girl material he’s been looking for.

Here are next 5 Moves That Make You Girlfriend Material:

  • – Make Him a Killer Meal.

Sure, it’s the oldest trick in the book but this one always seems to work like a charm. Instead of going out for dinner, stay in and whip him a killer meal he’ll never forget, following with desert; Which preferably should be you…

  • – Tone Down Your Make-Up Ritual.

He wants to see what you really look like. If you always have 3 layers of makeup on, he’ll begin wondering why. Most men appreciate a girl that can be natural.

  • – Pay Attention To Your Guy.

It’s not just about paying attention to your guy but caring about the small things as well. He wants to know that you have his back no matter what. Being a good listener is key!

  • – Speak Your Mind.

While your guy desires a sweet girl, he also, likes a woman that’s also capable of taking a stand and speaking her mind. If there’s something that’s bothering you, let him know.

  • – Show Off Your Assets.

While everything does not revolve around how hot you are. You must remind your guy what a sexy girl he has by him, as you rock some leggings and nice shoes.

The tips above conclude this installment of Meet Locals Blog in which we share cool tips to “wow” your guy and make you the precise, girlfreind material he dreams of. As you can see, these are things that can easily be accomplished as you rock your sunny disposition attached to your good looks and your confidence of freely and honestly expressing your true emotions.

Try out these moves and lets us know how they worked out for you. Be sure to drop your comments here at Meet Locals Blog. Tune in regularly for updates on relationship advice and online dating tips.

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10 Ways To Seduce Your Guy Part #3

Meet Locals Blog is back to close off the weekend with 10 more ways in which you can seduce your guy. We’ve already released, 10 Ways To Seduce Your Guy Part #1 &  Ways To Seduce Your Guy Part #2 and now we have our 3rd and final list bumping with tons of sexy and easy ways to seduce your guy and have him melt at the very sight or thought of you.

10 Ways To Seduce Your Guy Part #3:

  • 1. If you have opaque shower curtains, switch them to a clear one. Call your guy in while you soap up your breasts. Most likely he’ll jump in right with you.
  • 2. When having a drink with your man, scoop an ice cube off his drink and drop it down your shirt/blouse and ask him to look for it. He’ll never want to go for a dive like this ever again!
  • 3. When you arrive home, strip off your clothes but leave your high heels or stilettos on as you prance around, discarding of garments and accessories and picking up as you go along. Before you even realize it he’ll be drooling.
  • 4. On your way back home from an outing ask him to enter an address into the GPS, specifically the address to a sex toy store. Of course, don’t reveal where you are going yet. He’ll be utterly stoked once he arrives and sees that he might have some fun in stored for the rest of the night.
  • 5. Ask your guy to hand you something from inside your purse in which he’ll discover your dirty little book with awesome sex moves. He’s going to be dazzled.
  • 6. Before snuggling next to your guy on the couch for some Tv and relaxation time, slip into one of his over sized  buttoned shirts with nothing else under. Surely, you can say goodbye to relaxation as well as the buttons on the shirt in exchange for some passionate love making.
  • 7. Tell your lover boy that you’re going out with some girlfriends for some drinks but instead take a pole dancing class. When you get back home, tell him what you’ve really been up to and moreover, show him the sexy routine you’ve learned. He’ll be completely blown away!
  • 8. While going around town with your guy, taking care of mundane errands, take the time to discreetly graze him with your butt on his package area very purposefully.
  • 9. When you want “it” be bold and ruthless, if you will…? Grab his hand and place right between your legs and give him a “I want you right now look.” He’ll love the boldness.
  • 10. If you do Yoga, do it naked. Wake up one morning before he does and begin your yoga routine completely in the nude. When he wakes up, he is going to wake up to a sight that will knock the wind out of him!

So, there you have it. We sure hope you like this installment of 1o Ways To Seduce Your Guy. Again, they’re simple ways of always surprising your guy with sexy moves that will always leave him in awe. Sex isn’t everything in a relationship, but it sure does make things much more peachier. We encourage all you gals out there to go out of your way just a tad to “wow” your guy. He’ll be charmed, impressed and wanting you more than ever. It’s always worth putting a little extra out there for your loved one instead of settling in some safe and monotone state. Get wild!

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