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Lady Gaga Promotes Via Farmville On Facebook

Lady Gaga has teamed up with Facebook & Zynga to promote her new album “Born This Way,” that will launch on May 23. Special promotions will be presented through Farmville.

A Lady Gaga inspired farm will appear in Farmville (a model) called GagaVille. Buying a $25 dollar Zynga Game Card from Best Buy will allow players to listen to new songs from the upcoming album. Instead of getting two free darts for the dart game you get a Lady Gaga song. Now, isn’t that rich..?

Though not thrilled with the removal of the darts in replacement of Lady Gaga songs, I’m sure other players that love the star will be smitten. However, there will be special edition items you can purchase that do look super cool, like the purple stallion and foal, unicorns and sheep with crystals.

Lady Gaga stated: “I want to celebrate and share Born This Way with my little monsters in a special way that’s never been done before, Zynga has created a magical place in FarmVille where my fans can come play and be the first to listen to the album.”

Isn’t that something? I don’t know if I want to cry or laugh or a combination of both. Isn’t this a step down for Lady Gaga? Last thing I saw promoted on Farmville was the movie “Rio.” And does she even play?

Raquel Di Sabatino, director of entertainment and media at Zynga stated: “We’re inventing new ways for fans and players to celebrate Lady Gaga’s new album and do so in the way that reflects the album’s focus on self-expression and positivity, and added “Lady Gaga is an innovative force in pop culture and has been revolutionizing the industry, including in the way she connects with her fans, and she is as passionate about her fans as we are about our players.”

The fun begins Tuesday, May 17. Be sure to get your Farmville Game Card at Best Buy and get  your Purple stallion and other special editions and if your a fan, a song from “Born This Way,” that you’ve never heard before.

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Ke$ha & Ne-Yo Will Be Performing At The Billboard Music Awards

Ke$ha the 24 year old singer has been nominated for 6 awards and will be taking the stage on May 22 for for the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas.

Joining Ke$ha will be Ne-Yo, who will perform as well. Other stars that have been nominated and perhaps, performing include Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce and other pop and R&B delights. Sure does sound like a nightmare.

Who would you like to see perform? Feel free to drop your comments!

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Lady Gaga: The Monster Ball Tour On HBO

On Saturday, May 7 you can catch Lady Gaga in The Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden exclusively on HBO at 9pm. If you’re a fan of the eccentric pop diva, get a glimpse of her Monster tour on HBO this Saturday. It’s suppose to be an all out tour event, many are expected to tune in!

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Lady Gaga Thinks Rebecca Black Is a Genius

Lady Gaga hasn’t seen the video Of Rebecca Black “Friday” but is aware of the frenzy surrounding this young starlet. Lady Gaga stated: “I say Rebecca Black is a genius and that anybody telling her she’s cheesy is full of s**t.”

Well, isn’t great when a pop pioneer comes to the defense of a young 13 year old just trying to get a little attention? Unfortunately, Rebecca Black’s over the night You Tube and all over the net fame didn’t come as a result of being “cool.” All the attention her video “Friday” received was because it was utterly atrocious.

I wonder if Gaga will change her mind after seeing her video…Maybe she’ll just deliver some advice on being hip instead of corny. Seriously, Rebecca Black is very pretty but that song blows and so does the video. I’m sure people would have been more compassionate of the low budget video if the song would have been any good. It’s like some twisted Sesame Street Song for special children. It’s bad!

Though it seems, these days bad publicity is almost just as good, as good publicity if not better…

What are your thoughts? We’d love to here your comments and opinion here @ Meet Locals!

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