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Porn Star Georgia Jones Is In A Relationship With CHARLIE SHEEN

Charlie Sheen has a new adult actress girl which is Georgia Jones. During all the headlines and strange behaviors Sheen has overcome it all to scoop up a brand new babe. She is twenty-five years old and has been working in the porno biz since she turned 18 years of age. Georgia began as a photo shoot model during her teen years and then after the age of 18 she started to do nude photo shoots. Jones started the porno industry permanently sometime in 2007 and has featured in lots of movies since then. Jones has been named the Penthouse Pet of the Month and Cover Girl for August for the 2011 year. Sheen and Jones spent the holidays in Mexico and didn’t disguise their lust towards one another from anyone. How long do you think this relationship is going to last with this brand new goddess?

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