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What To Do When A Guy Friend Kisses You

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I’m sure this has happen to many of you girls/women out there. You’re hanging out with your cool, guy friend having drinks, having a good time and “slam” and he plants a big kiss on your lips. You never saw it coming, because you had no idea he thought about you  in this way and you certainly don’t have romantic feelings for him either, at least you didn’t think so… What should you do?

Well, first off ask him what that kiss was all about. If he tells you, it was just a friendly kiss, he’s lying. I’m sure he doesn’t go around kissing his guy friends on the lips. He’s trying to avoid an uncomfortable conversation/moment. The fact of the matter is that he’s either really into you or he was so hammered that he confused his friendly feelings towards you for romantic feelings.

Another thing you may want to consider is how this kiss from your guy pal made you feel. Did it excite you? Did it feel nice? Or was it just shocking and a little embarrassing? If you realize that you didn’t feel anything for him and he’s claiming that it was just a friendly kiss, then you should definitely drop it and just forget about the whole incident.

On the other hand, if you find yourself thinking that the kiss was rather enjoyable, you should tell him: “Hey I really liked that kiss you gave me and I suppose you don’t share those kind of friendly gestures with all your other friends, so what’s up? ” Let the cat out of the hat and find out. No matter what his response is at least you don’t have to remain wondering about it.

Some of the best relationships out there blossom from a beautiful friendship. So if your guy friend pops a big one on your lips and you feel some romantic feelings awakening in you for him, it’s best to talk about it and see if you can move on to a more intimate phase in your relationship.


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