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Pros & Cons To Dating Younger Men/Older Men

Single women are always going back and forth on what men should they date. Should they be young? Should they be older? Where do to they work? What are their goals? And a harassment of sorts of questions and expectations. But today we’re going to focus just on the pros and cons of dating young men and/or older men and we’re going to nail it because like most things in life- both have their pros and cons.

Pros to Dating Men that are Younger:

  • – Younger guys are more open minded in general, therefore, there’s more of a likelihood that he’ll be open to your opinions, suggestions and anything of the sort.
  • – Obviously, for the most part young guys are funner and willing to try new things.
  • – Younger guys truly appreciate a more experienced woman both mentally and physically and that’s always a plus.

Cons to Dating Men that are Younger:

  • – Young guys while they’re fun and spontaneous are not often reliable.
  • – Younger men are not always ready to commit or to be monogamous.
  • – Younger guys are messier and foul at the mouth. Can you deal with this? If you can then their shouldn’t be a problem…

Pros to Dating Men that are Older:

  • – Often older men are more charming and smooth, they really know how to say things in a way that will make you feel just like you’re walking on sunshine.
  • – They like to cook for their women.
  • – They know really good music. Perhaps, not the latest and most hippest stuff, but truly classic and timeless music and new & cool music. Middle aged dudes are pretty hot!
  • – They give real good advice across the board. From work to cooking…

Cons to Dating Men that are Older:

  • – Older guys are set in their ways. If you’re looking to mold a guy into something you’ve dreamnt of, it’s not going to happen with someone who’s 10 or more years older than you.
  • – Older men like younger women, so most like if you’re around their same age, their going to look the other way for a younger gal.
  • -Older guys tend to have a wondering eye.

In conclusion, both young and older men have their perks and their down falls. How can you tell which type of man is good for you? You can’t! It’s all up to your personality, attitude and what you are looking for, what attracts you. Perhaps, a good way to approaching dating is not to think about it so much rather than going with your gut feeling. You might discover that perhaps, while you’re looking for an older man to go out with, you really mesh better with a younger guy.

If you’re a woman that only dates younger men you may discover that they’re not all that cracked to be and that a man close to your age would be more suitable.

When dating, you should go into the game with an open heart, mind and soul. Don’t leave your shield at home but do let down your guard, you might surprise yourself with what you really like. Keep an open heart and mind and happy dating!

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Online Dating Made Easy with Reviews

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Charlie Sheen Winning Or Loosing???

After hearing Charlie Sheen’s comments regarding the producer and co-creator of Two And A Half Men calling them a “clown” and a “stupid, stupid little man” decisions needed to be made. So it was no surprise when Warner Bros released the statement “After careful consideration, Warner Bros. Television has terminated Charlie Sheen’s services on ‘Two and a Half Men’ effective immediately.”

The “winning” actor also lost his porn star goddess Bree Olson recently. It was confirmed this when he tweeted, that she left Sober Valley Lodge and he’s excepting applications.

Charlie Sheen lost his lead role, his porn star goddess and his twin boys… So how’s he winning again?

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