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What To Wear On A First Date

I’m sure all the ladies out there will agree, finding the right outfit to wear on your first date is a stressful event. Of course you want to look your best and leave a lasting impression. After all it’s a known fact that the first impression is what tends to count the most. After all it’s that first impression that will determine whether or not you’ll be seeing each other again.

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Why Do People Become Alarmed When You Say ‘We Need To Talk’

Have you ever wondered why when you mention the need or desire to TALK people automatically become alarmed and  defensive. I finally figured it out after reading an article on Pretty Fed Up. It brought a whole new light to what that phrase actually means. Now I understand why people react the way they do; it’s cause they have every right to.  It said that ‘talk’ equals ‘alarming changes’, I’m sure we can all agree that alarming changes are scary and a good reason to feel defensive and prepared for the worse.  Read the rest of this entry »

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5 Signs That Shows Him You Are The One

You might be head over heels for the man you are dating, but a little unsure if he feels the same about you. He might not show it at the moment but there are a few little things that you can do that will have his heart melting of love for you. Now of course these little things have to come natural and genuine if not he will know right away. Don™t worry men are very willing to walk down the aisle as much as you are.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Why Do Straight Girls Kiss Other Girls?

Why Do Straight Girls Kiss Other Girls? This is a question that many guys, other girls, and just about anyone else who has questioned the true intention of this particular action. For men that are in a relationship with a woman who has admitted to him that she has in the past kissed another woman; he is automatically wondering and concerned if his girlfriend is going to cheat on him with another woman. Most men have nothing to worry about unless your girlfriend is truly bisexual.  Read the rest of this entry »

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3 Mistakes Women Make On Dates That Make Men Run

So you’re cute as can be, have a good job and a heart of gold; but yet you’re still single? No worries you are not alone and hopefully after reading this you’ll understand why. After hearing quit a few of my gal pals complaining about still being single I decide it was time to do some research. I searched the web and even did some one on one interviews with my male friends to see where women go wrong on dates.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Fashion Tips For Men: How To Dress For A First Date

Ok Guys Now That I Have Your Attention Keep Reading

Lets be honest, everyone wants to look their best and make a good first impression. Men need and want to feel and look good just as badly as the ladies do. However, most guys don’t thinking spending hours getting ready, trying on 10 different outfits sounds like a bunch of fun. Men typically will get up and thrown on the first clean/comfy outfit they can find and run out the door. This may be ok if you’re just going to the store or to play video games at your “boys” house, but, not when you’re going on a date.

Lets face it, the way you dress is a representation of yourself. By taking the time to choose the right outfit on a first date you show your date you care. Men have it much easier then women do so be grateful for that. Keep in mind that your appearance is the first thing anyone notices. Below you will find some helpful tips to keep you looking your best.

~ Keep in mind where you will be going on the date so you can dress appropriately.

~ CLEAN! Everything should be clean with NO holes or stains and as wrinkle free as possible. I mean EVERYTHING that includes not only your shirt and pants but also includes your shoes, socks, and under clothing.

~ Stay away from flashy clothing and anything with big print or large name brand labels.

~ It is better to go with a dress shirt then a t-shirt. If you are worried about being over dressed you can wear a dress shirt with nice pair of jeans. Let me say that again, a NICE pair of jeans!

~ Don’t over do it with the hair products, cologne or jewelry.

~ If possible avoid buy a new outfit so you don’t come across as trying to hard and won’t end up being uncomfortable.

~ Stick to more natural colors such as tans, browns, blues, blacks etc. A first date is not the time to pull out the flashy right pink shirt you love.

~ No hats unless you’re going to a game. Hats make women think you are hiding something.

~ Wear nice shoes! It has been proven many times that one of the first things a woman checks out is a man’s shoes.

~ If you are wearing jewelry make sure it’s clean and that your watch is working and tells the right time.

Before you head out the door make sure you double check that you don’t have any stains on your clothes. Always bathe and brush your teeth before a date. Personal hygiene is so very important and says a lot about you. By wearing a dress shirt and slacks or jeans it makes it easy for you to dress it up or take it down a notch.

Need to dress it up: Have a tie and a blazer handy just incase.

Need to dress it down: Undo the first button or two (don’t over do it) and roll up the sleeves. (Do it neatly so you don’t end-up looking a mess.)

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Things Men Do or Think About But Will Never Admit

Men are design with a high sense of pride. It’s because of this pride and male ego that they feel the need to come across as rough and manly. Men hate having to show any sign of weakness, which is why they keep many things to themselves. They think that by admitting some of these things, it would somehow hurt their image and they way we look at them. If only they would realize that by opening up more, it would actually make us look at them as being even more of a man to be able to admit the truth.

  • They obsess over whether their penis is bigger then your ex’s.
  • They wonder whether they really satisfy you in the bedroom.
  • They are more into you then they will ever let on.
  • They really don’t mind watching some of those girly flicks and TV shows that they complain about.
  • They suck in their gut when undressing in front of you the first several dozen times.
  • They’ve thought about which one of your sisters and or girlfriends they’d sleep with if they “had” to.
  • They masturbate more then they’ll ever admit.
  • They don’t want to pick up the check as often as they do.
  • They obsess over their pimples just as much as the ladies do.
  • They still talk too and or think about an ex from their past.
  • They like to cuddle and like using cute little pet names.
  • They acknowledge other guys looks
  • If they have seen one of your ex’s they have compared themselves to them.

Ladies, no matter what a guy tells you, he doesn’t want to know about your past sexual partners. If they ask you where they are placed on your sexual chart, the only except able answer is “they’re your best!”. Never let it be known that you’ve had a bigger penis. Don’t let them know how wild your sexual past has been. Its better to just let them think or assume that you’re a saint and that they were the ones who were able to bring you out your shell. Yes, they realize you aren’t a virgin but they simply can’t handle knowing the true details. Don’t even discuss how many sexual partners you’ve had. Most people lie about the number and there is no good answer. The past is the past, leave it behind you!

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