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When A Guy Doesn’t Cuddle With You After Sex, Does It Mean He’s Not Into You?

The first time a woman has sex with a guy they like is a really a big deal. Details during the love making and the aftermath are crucial, especially to us women. We determine or make many assumptions based on the actions during and after sex. For example, cuddling… Yes, most of us ladies truly enjoy cuddling after sex. A lot of men do as well, but not all of them. Does the fact that a guy doesn’t cuddle with you after sex mean he’s not into you? Absolutely not! It can simply mean he’s ambushed from the amazing orgasm he had and just wants to go sleep.

On the downside, sometimes, especially if you’re dating someone that’s not really looking into forming a relationship or anything relative serious, he’ll use not cuddling as a way to convey this message. It’s a kind of mean, but they will do it, because these guys just really don’t care and don’t want you to become emotionally attached.

The fact of the matter is, that you can’t blatantly assume that if a guy doesn’t cuddle with you after sex means he’s not into you, or dislikes you. However, observe your guy, see if he shows other acts of endearment to compensate for not cuddling. If you want to get down to the pudding, you can always just ask. He can always lie. But if he really likes you, he’ll make sure to convince you that he does like you and just didn’t cuddle because he was much too tired or simply not into cuddling.

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