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Things “He” Enjoys Doing On Sunday Evenings

Sundays, can be just as bad as Mondays. Sundays, indicate the ending of yet another short lived weekend. It also, indicates to a long work week ahead, that despite the weekend ‘rest‘ we just don’t feel rested enough… However, we’re coping with the doom that Sundays point to with positive\fun things your guy still enjoys doing on Sundays despite the fact- and why not?

Here Are Some Things “He” Enjoys Doing On Sunday Evenings:

  • Cooking.

Cooking a big meal with you is “all that” to him. First off, men love to eat. If you cook from home, you’re in your territory so still somewhat in a chill sort of mood. The aroma of the spices cooking up are also, really calming.

  • Getting To Bed Early.

This doesn’t necessarily mean “going to sleep” but just getting cozy under the sheets with you with some uninterrupted spooning is just heaven to him.

  • Watching TV.

He probably doesn’t watch much TV during the week and then Friday and Saturday nights are usually party nights, so watching TV alongside some brews and your sexy self, will make his Sunday just blissful.

  • Going To A Restaurant.

Maybe there’s a restaurant he’s been dying to go to, but it’s always jam packed. Sundays are great to go to these hot spots for most people are cooped up at home as they wait the inevitable Monday.

  • Having A Couple Drinks.

Sure, it’s Sunday and Monday is lurking. Will a couple of drinks hurt? Certainly not, they might even be much more calming. Just don’t go all out and get wasted. You can’t blame that on Monday, that was all your doing.

Make the best of your Sunday with your guy. He probably doesn’t want to end the weekend just yet. Naturally, it’s not a good night to throw the house out the window, but some cautioned fun, will just make Sunday, easy as it was intended to be.

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