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Is Kim Kardashian a Positive Role Model or Not?

Kim Kardashian has been called a wonderful role model for young women, because of her success and her confidence as she flaunts her curvaceous body freely. She’s also been called a lush with no substance, money grubbing and superficial. What do you guys think? Is Kim Kardashian of substance or just smoke and mirrors?

Without a doubt, Kim Kardashian is a gorgeous, young woman with tons of success, beauty and wealth. But do these traits amount to much when it comes to the human spirit? Not one bit…As far as I can tell from the few times I’ve seen episodes of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and other spins offs of the original series, Kim Kardashian is nothing but pretty face with a banging body that needs a whole lot of preparation before actually showing herself on camera.

Sure, her beauty can be breath taking, but like those paintings that look gorgeous from far away but the closer you get to them, the uglier they seem- is one way to describe- Kim Kardashian to a “T“.

To begin with. if you observe her when she speaks, she lacks confidence, which is fine if she wasn’t such a cocky person. She wears way too much make-up and has cosmetic work done which she certainly did not need and it makes her look much older, frozen and fake.

All around she seems to be money hungry and a bottomless pit, a glutton of sorts. Of all three Kardashian sisters she resembles her mother- Kris Jenner the most, which is another money grubbing broad that will pull any stunt to gain money, wealth and fame.

All in all many give her props for being a successful, business woman and beautiful. But is she in fact? The fact of the matter that the “Kardashian” name is what put her on the map, along with her ass. She was wealthy before anyone knew a thing about her and she really hasn’t had to work hard for anything in her life. Should she be hated for this? Of course not! But should be given credit for it. “I think not.”

The fact of the matter, is that Kim Kardashian is probably the worse role mode for girls and young women. What are women suppose to learn from this gem of a woman? There really isn’t much because she really doesn’t seem all that bright and she’s just a pretty girl with big boobs and an ass. What notable traits that she really bestow? What grand contribution has she given human kind, except a sex tape and some eye candy.

Ladies, don’t buy into the crap that Kim Kardashian is great role model. For all you know, you’re much better of a role model than she’ll ever be. The physique aspect- about being able to flaunt your round butt and succulent curves should be credited to Jennifer Lopez.

What do you guys think, is Kim Kardashian a positive or a negative role mode?

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