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Sexy Twilight Star- Ashley Greene A Little Bitter About “Dating”

Sexy “Twilight” star- Ashley Greene best known as “Alice” is a little bitter about dating and her past boyfriends. In a recent interview with “British GQ” she opened up and said she’s dated guys that like publicity though they tell her otherwise. Once she becomes the wiser she’s turned off big time. Also, although she loves her career and says she’s just getting started, she doesn’t like how tabloids link her to all kinds of men she isn’t even dating. For instance, her brother or gay friends that have been refereed to as “mystery men.”

Ashley Greene recently broke up with Reeve Carney and has said that she’s learned how to be more “selfish” and is able to “detach” easily. She says that doing the kind of work she does, which is movies requires for her to be more distant because she never knows when she’s going to shipped off to another state or even outside the country.

All in all, Ashley Greene is super grateful for her flourishing career but is a little let down by dating guys that are interested in her fame, that say one thing but mean another. She stated In British GQ: “Sometimes I wish I could just go back to Florida and, like, date my home-town boyfriend.” She also added that one rule she sticks to is not drinking and tweeting. According to the starlet it’s simply “the worst thing you can do.” I suppose she says this for a good reason- experience…

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