Sarah Sahi Calls Paris Hilton A Horrible Human Being

Sarah Sahi went on Tweet rant/tell off towards Paris Hilton after she was driving without a care in the world and perhaps, even putting lives in danger.

Sarah Sahi tweeted: “Worst driver ever.Almost hit me, then ran a stop sign. What if there was a kid around the corner, you dumb b—-.”

She continued: “What a blonde piece of sh– she should “apologize to humanity.” But wait it doesn’t end there, she also added: “Horrible excuse for a human being.”

It’s more than obvious that Sarah Sahi star of “Fairly Legal” really dislikes Paris Hilton to the point of disgust. Sarah Sahi says that perhaps, she wouldn’t have been as pist if she wasn’t a mom. But now that she is, she finds this kind of carelessness excusable.

Did Sarah Sahi go to far? Or is she right to be so mad and disgusted by Paris Hilton. We’d love to hear your thoughts…Drop your comments/opinions.

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