Robert Pattinson Wants To Win MTV’s Best Kiss Again

Though Robert Pattinson won MTV‘s best kiss award two years in a roll. He hopes to win again this year. He takes great pride that all the Twilight fans think of him as the best kisser along with Kristen Stewart.

Robert Pattinson told MTV News in the Uk: ďI donít know. I mean ó I thought I won it three times! Did I win it three? Itís kind of terrifying if you suddenly stop winning it, youíre like ĎOh God!”

Then in one of his typical charming rants, added: ďItís almost worse than if you stop winning, like, acting awards or whatever, if you canít kiss anymore, itís like, ĎWhat?! Iím still good at kissing!”

Well, we’re pretty sure Robert Pattinson is a great kisser along his costar and sweetheart: Kristen Stewart. However, we sure do hope you give us a little more this year. The restrained kiss is getting tiring.

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