The Kardashians Finally Get What They Want As Kourtney Kardasian Breaks Up With Scott Disick

It seems like “The Kardashians” have finally gotten what they’ve been wishing over a span of 7 years, which is Kourtney Kardashian breaking up with party boy, boyfriend- Scott Disick. Sure, the guy is not perfect but neither is Kourtney. As far as I know from watching “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” from time to time, she is really hard on him and so is the rest of the family, which are also a bunch of hypocrites. First they criticize her for not getting married, but the whole entire time they’re against her relationship with him, so why even bring up marriage?

Apparently, Scott Disick was a hard partying dude, that really enjoyed drinking quite a bit. He tried to change but any little thing that he would do, that wouldn’t be so impressive to The Kardashians, they would start attacking the guy. How can such outbursts from an entire family be motivational? If that wasn’t enough, for over two years, Kourtney Kardashian won’t sleep on the same bed with him. What kind of crap is that? She’s distant and cold and men will eventually stray once a woman becomes so cold.

Naturally, I don’t think it’s right that Scott Disick was partying at clubs and hanging out with models while his girlfriend that had just given birth was at home alone with two babies and suffering from panic attacks. That’s just no good, but I think if both of them put a little effort from both their ends they can make the relationship work and breaking up won’t be necessary. Moreover, they can symbolically give all the sisters and Kardsahians the middle finger. Those people really need to mind their own business. They all have problems but have decided that Kourtney Kardashian has the biggest one- being Scott Disick the father of their two babies.

As of now, none of them have done anything that cannot be fixed. From all The Kardashians, despite their problems they seem to be the most genuine and down to Earth. You can tell that Kourtney loves him being a party boy- that’s what initially turned her on to him. He just needs to tone it down a little bit and she needs to loosen up more, once she starts feeling better. Finally, they both have to tell her family to back off and mind their own business!


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Twin Peaks Annual Festival For David Lynch Heads

It’s truly mind boggling how a show such as Twin Peaks still has a steady fan base which unites each year as they celebrate Twin Peaks and it’s anniversary. On the other hand, I’m not surprised- I’m a die hard fan myself which discovered Twin Peaks via a friend when I first watch Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me at 14- It forever changed my life and the way I viewed television. After watching Fire Walk With Me, I just had to check out the series- Twin Peaks. Once I did, I was forever hooked on Twin Peaks and anything associated with David Lynch.

Fire Walk With Me was based on the original series and served as the series prequel. In the movie, David Lynch and Mark Frost, mainly used all the original, quirky, interesting characters from the show, as well as almost all the same actors. However, if you think the show was off beat and dark, the movie will haunt you as you watch Laura Palmer, played by (Sheryl Lee) discover her very own secrets and go on a downward spiral fumed by drugs, sex and this awful feeling that she was, indeed going to die very soon.

The Twin Peaks series takes place during the aftermath of Laura Palmer’s death. The characters are especially strange, funny, preoccupied with donuts, pies and coffee and devastated by the death of Laura Palmer. FBI Special Agent- “Dale Cooper,” played by (Kyle MacLachlan) comes into the small town of Twin Peaks in Washington to explore deeper into the cause of death of Laura Palmer. Dale is special because he’s psychic or clairvoyant. He dreams and crosses parallel universes that clue him into what’s going to happen next or what could have happened.

It just makes me feel peachy king when I realize that Twin Peaks is still relevant today, though the series was first broadcasted on April 8, 1990 on ABC…It lasted for two seasons until it’s cancellation. But Twin Peaks has lived on, thanks to the awesome fans of Twin Peaks and David Lynch. Collectibles and fan art of Twin Peaks are made and sold each year at the Twin Peaks Festival. Fans such as Franny Fluffer have kept it relevant as she is the producer of The Pink Room: David Lynch Burlesque. She also, performs there. “The Pink Room” idea comes from a club that Laura Palmer went to in Fire Walk With Me to hook up with older men, have sex and score cocaine, as she had a pretty pesty habit at the tender age of 17.

Still, Twin Peaks is as epic as Star Trek and Star Wars. Fans will dress as the characters and mimic rooms displayed on Twin Peaks. They’ll fill tables with lavish displays of donuts, pies and of course, coffee. It’s truly moving and great to know that though Twin Peaks is something of the past, it is still very much relevant to the present. Laura Palmer will forever remain “wrapped in plastic,” but her tragic demise will forever keep Twin Peaks alive.

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Kristen Stewrat Turning To Booze, Drugs & Plastic Surgery After Cheating Scandal

Kristen Stewart was waiting for some life changing experiences to happen to her. Something that would change her life forever. She couldn’t wait to “get f****d over by someone.” However, her impatience was so grand she ended up ruining a few of lives including hers to a significant extent. Is this the kind of material she needed for a more substantial life experience? An affair, people hurt, mistrust, betrayal?

Her affair or fling with Rupert Sanders- Director of Snow White and the Huntsmen has been an epic revelation and just as she wished, nothing will ever be the same. Rupert Sanders betrayed his wife, Liberty Ross just to be with her, which, naturally he should hold his own crucifix for this. Fans are really mad at her, her thoughtless acts and the way she hurt the man that kissed the ground she walked on. If she ever truly loved him, she was only open and splendid about it as she publicly apologized for her indiscretion.

Where will Kristen Stewart go from here? Well, there aren’t too many places. Either she shuts her trap and rolls with the punches while remaining in hiatus or she can do what everyone else in Hollywood does, turn to booze, drugs and plastic surgery.

I heard the young starlet, “the too cool for school” gal has already received a breast augmentation. Something I can’t even fathom the actress doing. This may or may not be true. It’s truly miraculous what a good bra can do.  However, she seems like the type of girl that may turn to booze and drugs as an escape.

Kristen Stewart is relatively smart and was handling herself in an awkward but admirable way amongst the Hollywood frenzy surrounding the Twilight Saga in which she plays Bella, a typical, somewhat clumsy teenage girl that only falls in love with a vampire that loves her right back. “Yeah, yeah, just typical teenage girl crap…Sure…” Anyway, that private, uncomfortable demeanor with quick, clever come backs are not going to be useful for Kristen Stewart any longer.

In short, she got more than she ever bargained for when she decided she could get away with fooling around with Rupert Sanders. Life will never be the same for her, whether or not she turns to booze, drugs & plastic surgery. She fouled up big time. It’s going to take a minute before she lives this one down.

If she hangs in there like a trooper, she’ll live through this, though she will be forever changed. Once those pictures of her and Rupert Sanders hit the street she got on a whole new plain. We all hope she recovers from this with minimum damage and oodles of life experience. Good Luck Kristen!

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Assassin’s Creed 3 Pre-Announcement

Ubisoft Yves Guillemot CEO confirmed during an earnings session on Nov. 8, 2011, that a brand new “epic” Assassin’s Creed installment will be set to release in 2012. Guillemot refused offer any further detail on the game beyond its confirmation. Speaking to MCV, Guillemot disregarded the notion that annual Assassin’s Creed installments are diluting the brands, saying instead that they are necessary to “satisfy the gamer demand”. Guillemot also said in the same interview that this year’s Assassin’s Creed will be the “biggest to date.”

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Kristen Stewart Cheats On Robert Pattison- She Receives Oral Sex From Rupert Sanders Inside Of Car

Twilight fans out there today will either be utterly sad or bursting with fruit flavor as Kristen Stewart is caught cheating on Robert Pattinson. Racy photos have surfaced in which Kristen Stewart is kissing and being held by Rupert Sanders, the director for Snow White and the Huntsman in very compromising ways. There’s no doubt that both parties were being unfaithful to their corresponding partners. Kristen Stewart has been dating her Twilight, co-star- Robert Pattinson and Ruper Sanders is married to model- Liberty Ross and they have two small children together. Obviously, this little affair or “mistake” as Kristen Stewart puts it is putting many people through oodles of pain.

In one of the photos it appears as if Kristen Stewart is receiving oral sex from Rupert Sanders as all you can see is her back and her arms stretched across the seat and Rupert going downtown as well as kissing her entire body. We can only imagine how devastated Robert Pattinson might be as he always spoke so highly of his beloved. In an interview he once expressed that he didn’t understand “cheating.” He stated: “But there’s a thing I’ve never got: That is, why do people cheat?” He continued by saying: I can understand the impulse, But not how you can keep two relationships going at the same time for long.” Maybe Kristen Stewart can explain to him now. This is truly tragic, scandalous and unsettling discovery.

Meanwhile, Liberty Ross– Tweeted: “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” After her tweet she immediately deactivated her Twitter account. Is there any hope for any of these couples to reconcile and get past this? It seems highly doubtful, even for the forever devoted Robert Pattinson.The pictures are much to revealing and hurtful.

Sources close to Kristen Stewart say she is equally devastated and filled with regret. She says she never meant to hurt anyone and that it was a “mistake and poor use of judgement.” Rupert Sanders is 19 years her senior, could the very cautious, beautiful and intelligent- Kristen Stewart have been a victim of being dazzled/seduced by an older man with more experience, that knew just how to make this witty gal cave in? Or is she simply a cheating and thoughtless person who didn’t care about her relationship or damage she could cause to Rupert and his family?

Even creepier is that Liberty Ross had a small role in Snow White and the Huntsmen, as she plays the mother of two children in the destroyed kingdom…Now it’s all just too real and merely just a small part in a big movie.

All in all, Kristen Stewart messed up big time and if she loves Rob, she’s going to pay with blood and tears. This kind of revelation changes you forever and the ones affected by it. Whether she meant to or not; whether she was seduced or not, she’s still grown enough and smart enough to have put a swift stop to these actions.

Tune into Meet Locals Blog for more news on this developing scandal as we gather more information. Drop your comments on this matter here on Meet Locals Blog, we’d love to hear all your thoughts on this scandalous occurrence.

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James Holmes (Batman Movie Massacre Assassin) Opens Adult Profile On Adult Dating Site

James Holmes the 24 year old male, responsible for the heinous shooting in Aurora, Colorado during the new Batman movie- “The Dark Knight Rises” inside a theater during a midnight show, had opened an account and filled out an adult profile on the popular, dating site- AdultFriendFinder just a  few days before the shooting. Was this some kind of cry for help? Or was this  an attempt in finding something or someone in which he could channel sexual fantasies or frustrations instead of going on a killing spree? His adult profile seems pretty common and current in such dating sites.

James Holmes describes himself as being single, straight and having an average sized penis. He wrote he was interested in women, couples or group sex. He also, mentioned he was interested in erotic chat or emailing. However, he was not looking for relationship, he was only interested in casual encounters as in the section titled, “Introduction,” he wrote: “Looking for a fling or casual sex gal. Am a nice guy. Well, as nice enough of a guy who does these sort of shenanigans.

As you can see right up to there nothing he wrote was really out of the norm, disturbing or indicating that he was going to do something so terrible that would destroy so many lives in just in matter of minutes. The only indication in his profile on this adult dating site that may have alerted someone was the fact that he wrote, “Will you visit me in prison?” right next to his user name which was “ClassicJimbo.”

Either way, though his little message to the world was cryptic, it wasn’t alarming enough to send anyone running to the cops or anything of the kind. The fact of the matter is that it could have meant anything of any significant importance. The tragedy is that it did mean something and much more than anyone allows themselves to imagine…

James Holmes had his killing spree well planned and ready to execute as he demonstrated to the world that he could. This disturbed young man killed 12 people inside that theater where the “Dark Knight Rises” played and injured over 30 people more. Families are destroyed over their losses and over the horrendous trauma. Nationwide, movie goers are afraid to enter a theater. What was this man thinking before he decided to go on a killing rampage and why did he join a dating site before going on with this awful venture to say the least? Was he just trying to have sex one last time or was he subtly just dropping hints?

Drop your comments and opinions here on Meet Locals Blog for we’d love to hear all about them!

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Drew Barrymore A Sell Out, Prego Celebrity With No Scruples

Remember Drew Barrymore back when she was a child actress, “Wow, she was such a cutie!” How about back in the late 80’s and early 90’s where she took on racy roles such as the characters she plays in “Poison Ivy“, “Doppelganger” and “The Amy Fisher Story?” She then went on and continued throughout the nineties like a harmless wild child, dressing all groovy and flashing the occasional late night talk show host. Drew Barrymore was able to get away with her funky styles and wild antics, because she was sweet, loving and genuine. In the last decade or so, that Drew Barrymore that we all loved so very much since her days as being a child star are nothing but a shell. What we have now is a big time Hollywood mogul with an ego bigger than Texas.

Drew Barrymore is now married to some schmuck that knocked her up and inside sources all say that she’s blissfully happy, in love and cannot wait to be a mom. There’s nothing wrong with that, naturally… Every woman unless she’s bitterly insane wants love, sometimes marriage and definitely a baby. So, why is everything that Drew Barrymore does so fishy? My theory is that she’s a fake! Either she was a fake when she was a cool chick in the 90’s or she’s a fake now.

People grow up and evolve, Drew completely changed! There isn’t a speck of the good, old Barrymore left in her fiber. The latest news is that she can’t wait to be a mom, so she can basically exploit her baby daughter (Rumors are she’s expecting a baby girl). Unlike some other celebrities and regular folk that have dignity and it’s their natural instincts to protect their young from intruders and everything else, Drew Barrymore can’t wait to make her unborn child a super star. She wants to take tons of photos of the baby and splash them in as many magazines as humanly possible.

Isn’t that something? Drew Barrymore or the creature she has become does not have any regular pregnancy cravings or even a strange Pica. This woman is going around with her bundle as she strategies on how to bank on her baby girl. Without a doubt, Drew Barrymore is nothing but a sell out, prego celebrity with no scruples at all.

Let’s hope her little daughter does not end up emancipating when she’s a mere teen to get away from her mother like Drew Barrymore once did with her mother. Shame on you Drew, first you sold out by wearing makeup for ad campaigns tested on animals in 2007 and now you’re just a Hollywood lush with no principals or morals!

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