Family Matters Actress: Cherie Johnson Wants To Be On Playboy

Cherie Johnson
who’s well known for her role as best friend of “Laura Winslow” in sitcom: “Family Matters” and before that she also, played best friend to “Punky Brewster” in “Punky Brewster” sitcom in the 80’s wants to bare it all in Playboy.

Cherie Johnson now 35 years old and has been dreaming of being in Playboy ever since she was 18 years old. She says she wants show off her figure. However, rumors are that she wants to do it to get her career back in active standards. So many actresses have done it, why not her?

Her grandmother gave her her blessing and told Cherie Johnson that she wants an autographed copy. Now with her grandmother’s approval, she’s ready to go for it all the way, in fact she’s made it her goal.

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