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Top 10 Great Sex Songs For Lunch Time Love Making

There are some songs that gets us really going once we here it playing in the background. Some people say the best time to get it on is during the day time. If you have the time during your lunch break to get it in then go for it! Nothing is more sensual and exciting then a mid-day love making session. Of course getting it on late at night is romantic, but can sometimes lack that passion and effort due to both parties being completely drained from the work day.¬† Read the rest of this entry »

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Top 5 Casual Sex Adult Dating Tips

As human beings we love getting attention whether it is from an ex or a random person we met at the bar. Those oh so sexual feelings always arise when you are tempted by someone you find attractive. You might want to act on impulse, but remember there are boundaries and rules to follow in the casual sex dating world that all must follow. Here are some tips that will help you make the best of your one night stand or casual sex dating life.

Top 5 Casual Sex Adult Dating Tips:

Tip #1: Be Honest

This is probably one of the most important tip there is. You need to simply be honest with the other person and let them know what your intentions are. Let the person know if this will only be a one night type thing or if you want to have sex a few times a week. Whatever it might be just say what you want. No need to lead anyone on and potentially hurt that person.

Tip #2: Donít Meet Up Everyday

If you are going to start shacking it up every day the excitement of casual sex begins to wear down and you might feel like you are developing some other type of relationship you are not willing to have. Or either party might develop feelings due to the stability of your sex relationship. Keep your meeting ups separately and spur of the moment.

Tip #3: Itís All In Good Fun

Donít take this casual sex thing too seriously. The reason you are having casual sex in the first place is to have fun and enjoy all the naughty things you do with a person. There is no need for fancy dinners or trying to impress one another with intellectual conversations. Just get down to business.

Tip #4: No Spending The Night

Spending the night at each otherís places just sets the tone of intimacy. That is not what this whole casual sex dating is all about. Most people love to cuddle, but it is not recommended during this type of relationship. If you think you can handle not developing feelings, then go for it.

Tip #5: Discuss Boundaries (If Any)

If you want the casual sex to be exclusive between you and your sex partner you have to make that known. Most people do not like sharing their loverís with other people. If there are any other boundaries you feel that would make you comfortable then donít hold it back. It is better to be open and discuss everything before any hurt ache can occur in the future.

Casual sex dating is definitely not for everyone; especially if you are a jealous person by nature. Both parties have to remember why they are doing it. They enjoy sex without the commitment. Make sure to pick your casual sex partner careful and always use protection.

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