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What To Wear On A First Date

I’m sure all the ladies out there will agree, finding the right outfit to wear on your first date is a stressful event. Of course you want to look your best and leave a lasting impression. After all it’s a known fact that the first impression is what tends to count the most. After all it’s that first impression that will determine whether or not you’ll be seeing each other again.

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Flirtatious Questions Not To Ask

Who ever said there is no such thing as a dumb question, was not referring to the dating world! In fact, asking dumb questions when trying to get to know someone will likely get you turned away. While I was doing some research on dating advice I came across an article that recommend using these 10 flirtatious questions to attract mates. Well all I can say is NO NO NO! No way! These are some of the cheesiest lines out there. Now some of them are a little tricky and could be used if there is an actual genuine interest.
Example: “Where was that great photograph of you taken?” -This question is ok if you actually want to know. Maybe it was at a beach and the scenery was so nice you’d like to see it for yourself. But don’t just ask to ask. You’ll look lame!

Where did you get that fantastic smile? – (Aww obviously either I was born with it or the dentist had some part in it) There isn’t a real answer to this question. More then likely you’ll get a sarcastic one and conversation ends there.

  • Where was that great photograph of you taken? – Like I said if you actually care to know thats fine otherwise you can simply just give a compliment. (I really like the picture of you at the beach with the sunset in the back ground. It came out amazing…)
  • Where is the most romantic place that you’ve been on a date? – Hmm, I guess this one is alright. It’ll give you an idea of what they like and what they consider to be romantic.
  • How could you possibly be 45 when you look 30 in your picture? – A bit cheesy and sounds too much like another pick up line.
  • If you could go anywhere in the world for a romantic vacation, where would you go? – If you are a person who enjoys traveling and has an interest in knowing then this would be okay. If not then don’t use it cause you’ll be left with a daft look on your face not knowing what to say next.
  • What was your ex thinking when he/she let you go? – Ex’s are not a topic of conversation especially in the beginning. You may be opening an old wound that will bit you in the butt rather then help you.
  • What is your favorite ice cream flavor and why? – Sounds like a questionnaire. Now if you’re on your way to get some ice cream that’s another story but leave out the why.
  • What is your favorite color and why? – Again sounds like a questionnaire.
  • Should I pick you up in my Rolls or Benz? – You sound cocky/lame/flashy. What will make it even worse, is if you have neither.
  • So when are we going to make out? On the first date or the second date? (Depending on the person, you can sound cute using this one.) – You sound cocky and ignorant! Who the said you would get a date let alone a make out session???

Men please I beg of you stay away from the cheesy lines. Women don’t find them cute and they’ll only get you dissed or dismissed. Be yourself! Speak from the heart and speak the truth. There is no point in trying to be someone you’re not. The truth is bound to be revealed sooner or later.

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3 Things You Should Never Reveal On a First Date

First Dates can be horribly nerve wrecking, but you need to get yourself together and keep your cool. You need to be able to talk but don’t over talk. Sometimes women can go on a rampage in a nervous frenzy and ruin the date by revealing things that are really unnecessary.

Here are just 3 things yous should never reveal on a First Date:

  • 1. Don’t ever, ever say that you’re acting weird because you’re on your period. If indeed, your acting a bit weird and you feel like you have to say something just say you’re nervous. Guys don’t want to think about your period when their fantasizing about you and you don’t want to come off as neurotic and menstrual on your first date, Trust me if it goes well, you’ll have plenty of time to complain about cramps and be a psycho.
  • 2. Don’t talk about your ex-boyfriend and how he did you dirty. I don’t care if you just found out about your ex-boyfriend cheating on you yesterday, if you can’t shut up about it then you need a night out with the girls and not a night out with a potential prospect. Keep it together. If you’re an easy going drunk, maybe you should loosen up and maybe even fool around. You’ll be feeling better in no time...
  • 3. Don’t talk about work, even if your date asks you about work, keep it short. Just saying what you do for a living is enough and if you enjoy it lots or not so much. Don’t go into what a bitch your co-worker is or how your boss is an asshole from hell. Save it!

The point is that you want to talk about the fun things about yourself. You want your date to get to know all your cute and interesting personality traits before you let him into the dark side, especially on a first date. If you feel nervous just say it, most likely he feels nervous, too, and rather than being wordy and tapping into subjects not suitable for first dates you might end up consoling each other and helping each other stop being nervous. And that’s a much better scenario…Wouldn’t you agree?

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