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Things “He” Enjoys Doing On Sunday Evenings

Sundays, can be just as bad as Mondays. Sundays, indicate the ending of yet another short lived weekend. It also, indicates to a long work week ahead, that despite the weekend ‘rest‘ we just don’t feel rested enough… However, we’re coping with the doom that Sundays point to with positive\fun things your guy still enjoys doing on Sundays despite the fact- and why not?

Here Are Some Things “He” Enjoys Doing On Sunday Evenings:

  • Cooking.

Cooking a big meal with you is “all that” to him. First off, men love to eat. If you cook from home, you’re in your territory so still somewhat in a chill sort of mood. The aroma of the spices cooking up are also, really calming.

  • Getting To Bed Early.

This doesn’t necessarily mean “going to sleep” but just getting cozy under the sheets with you with some uninterrupted spooning is just heaven to him.

  • Watching TV.

He probably doesn’t watch much TV during the week and then Friday and Saturday nights are usually party nights, so watching TV alongside some brews and your sexy self, will make his Sunday just blissful.

  • Going To A Restaurant.

Maybe there’s a restaurant he’s been dying to go to, but it’s always jam packed. Sundays are great to go to these hot spots for most people are cooped up at home as they wait the inevitable Monday.

  • Having A Couple Drinks.

Sure, it’s Sunday and Monday is lurking. Will a couple of drinks hurt? Certainly not, they might even be much more calming. Just don’t go all out and get wasted. You can’t blame that on Monday, that was all your doing.

Make the best of your Sunday with your guy. He probably doesn’t want to end the weekend just yet. Naturally, it’s not a good night to throw the house out the window, but some cautioned fun, will just make Sunday, easy as it was intended to be.

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3 Easy Ways To Help Your Guy Relax On His Days Off

Unfortunately, most of us lead pretty hectic lives that even when we have days off, we have to take care of other things that we can’t get done while at work. However, some of these things can be put of from time to time, especially if your guy has a day off. The only thing you should be working on is helping him relax on his day off and you should take advantage and relax just as well.

Here are 3 Easy Ways To Help Your Guy Relax On His Days Off:

1. Have a Shower Date:

His showers usually consist of a couple of minutes to freshen up and get cleaned up. But if you jump in the shower with him, surely, he’ll want to remain in the shower much longer with you. He’ll relax as he takes in the soothing stream of water and feasts his eyes on you.

2. Stay In Saturday Night (Skip All The Drama):

If you haven’t noticed, you’re guy is probably dying for a day of real rest. No work, no mingling, no going out, etc. He just wants to stay in and enjoy the peace of his home beside you. Guys don’t always want to get wild and go to bars. They need rest. Initiate for a night indoors with just you and a couple of close friends, some chit chatting and some drinks will suffice.

3. Let Him See you Sweat:

Though working out with your partner may sound cheesy, it truly is relaxing. Either work out with him, go on a bike ride or something of that nature. It doesn’t have to be more than 30 minutes as long as you break a sweat. Physical activity is especially relaxing for guys.

It’s really cool when your guy sees that you realize he needs some down time. It shows you really know him and that you know what he needs. He’ll not only be relaxing but completely enchanted with your intuitive and giving nature. “Wow” your man by helping him relax!


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Why Does He Rather Sleep Tha Have Sex With Me?

Ever had the problem that your guy rather sleep than have sex? Well, if you’re experiencing this problem, you have to factor in many things before you run amok with assumptions.

  • Could he be really tired?
  • Has not having sex become a norm for the both of you?
  • Is he going through a stressful period?

If any of the above applies to his withdrawal from you and sex then he has a good reason and there is no need to take it personal at all. You should be helping him through his rough patch so you can presume to your regular lives. If your norm is not having sex frequently, you shouldn’t be shocked. This basically indicates that you both let the passion in the relationship slip away. If you want to rekindle the spark- surprise him with some off the chain, racy lingerie. He’ll be more awake than he’s been in quite sometime.

If none of the factors above apply to you and there’s something certainly fishy going on, you can simply, flat out out ask him: “What the hell is going on?” These are the type of things that you shouldn’t allow to drag on. If he won’t say, or responds, “I don’t know,” then you need to to put your thinking cap on and put your instinct radars on high alert. For example, if he turns down sex, but with some affection towards you, or does he simply turn his back on you? The way he declines sex is crucial to get to the bottom.

Other things you might want to consider:

  • Does he normally have sex when he’s drunk or does he have to be drunk to have sex?
  • Does he pull away when you touch him?
  • Does he pick a fight with you right before going to bed?

Ever consider that maybe he’s upset with you? Have you been appreciative of him lately? Have you offered him a compliment? Have you done anything at all to let him know how much you think he’s sexy and desire him as of late? If you haven’t maybe he’s a little down. Men crave attention and love. Men want sex! They basically only complain when they’re not having sex or don’t feel desired.

So if he’s not going through a rough time, you’ve been affectionate; it’s not the norm in your relationship, then there’s only two reasons he’s being distant: Either he’s physically sick in which you need to get him to seek some help and if it’s not that, then he’s found love/sex somewhere else and you need to seriously kick his ass!



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When A Guy Doesn’t Cuddle With You After Sex, Does It Mean He’s Not Into You?

The first time a woman has sex with a guy they like is a really a big deal. Details during the love making and the aftermath are crucial, especially to us women. We determine or make many assumptions based on the actions during and after sex. For example, cuddling… Yes, most of us ladies truly enjoy cuddling after sex. A lot of men do as well, but not all of them. Does the fact that a guy doesn’t cuddle with you after sex mean he’s not into you? Absolutely not! It can simply mean he’s ambushed from the amazing orgasm he had and just wants to go sleep.

On the downside, sometimes, especially if you’re dating someone that’s not really looking into forming a relationship or anything relative serious, he’ll use not cuddling as a way to convey this message. It’s a kind of mean, but they will do it, because these guys just really don’t care and don’t want you to become emotionally attached.

The fact of the matter is, that you can’t blatantly assume that if a guy doesn’t cuddle with you after sex means he’s not into you, or dislikes you. However, observe your guy, see if he shows other acts of endearment to compensate for not cuddling. If you want to get down to the pudding, you can always just ask. He can always lie. But if he really likes you, he’ll make sure to convince you that he does like you and just didn’t cuddle because he was much too tired or simply not into cuddling.

Drop your comments, opinions and questions here at Meet Locals Blog for we’d love to hear all about it. Tune in regularly for update on dating tip and much more.

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10 Ways To Seduce Your Guy Part #1

No matter how hot you are or sexy we have to continuously look for ways to seduce our men, so that they never bore and there’s always an air of spontaneity and a sense of erotica in the air that keeps your man always interested and looking forward for more.

Here are 10 Ways To Seduce Your Guy:

1. When you buy a new fragrance, give your dude a whiff of it and then tell him to guess/find in which part of your body you spritz it. (Tip: Be Naughty!)

2. After a shower, shout out his favorite pet name you have for him and ask him to bring you a towel. Let him take a nice look at you as you stand there vulnerable and naked- pretty much ready be devoured. He will so love this! (Get ready for some intense, hot sex.)

3. If you happen to buy a new vibrator, preferably a finger one…Hide you’re latest toy to your collection in the bottom of his cereal box, eventually it will pour onto his plate, hopefully before he pours the milk. But either way, he’s going to think you’re such a bad girl and he’s going to be counting the seconds until he can get his hands on you.

4. If you’re one to jog and sometimes jog with your man. One day on a lonesome path ask him to stop for a second so that you can supposedly tie your shoe. Instead start giving him some oral. He’ll be surprised and delighted!

5. Wear a a tight tank, preferably in white and no bra and jump your honey’s lap as you begin to straddle him.

6. Let his morning wake up call come to him as a suck on his finger as you would on his penis. This will automatically wake him up feeling all oozy with bliss and lust.

7. When you know he’s on his way home, commence to give yourself some solo pleasure and “accidentally” dial his number. Let him hear you out as you go off with some moaning and “ahhs and oohhhs“. (Watch out when he gets home he will ravish you with great vengeance.)

8. If you live on a 2nd or 3rd floor or more, take the stairs one day while you’re are wearing a short skirt and some lacy underwear. Be sure to be up the steps ahead of him. (Some outdoor/stair action might result) Have a ball!

9. As an evening snack or dessert have a Popsicle. Lick and tease it right in front of your honey bunny. You’re going to drive him insane with lust!

10. Quickly grab his phone and take a snap shot of your boobs or the inside of your thighs and leave it there for him to discover. When you see his eyes pop out of his head, it’ll be confirmation that’s he’s stumbled into your little surprise.

Alright so we’ve hooked you up with some pretty awesome ideas on how to seduce your guy. Now it’s up to you to put these simple but naughty advices to good use. Have fun while you do it. He’ll love it and you’ll both end up having a great time. These spontaneous, racy acts will keep the relationship fresh and interesting and you’ll always have him looking forward to your next sexy antic. Be sure to be back to Meet Locals Blog for 10 Ways To Seduce Your Guy Part#2. It will be packing with galore of more ways make your main squeeze go wild!



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Pros & Cons To Dating Younger Men/Older Men

Single women are always going back and forth on what men should they date. Should they be young? Should they be older? Where do to they work? What are their goals? And a harassment of sorts of questions and expectations. But today we’re going to focus just on the pros and cons of dating young men and/or older men and we’re going to nail it because like most things in life- both have their pros and cons.

Pros to Dating Men that are Younger:

  • – Younger guys are more open minded in general, therefore, there’s more of a likelihood that he’ll be open to your opinions, suggestions and anything of the sort.
  • – Obviously, for the most part young guys are funner and willing to try new things.
  • – Younger guys truly appreciate a more experienced woman both mentally and physically and that’s always a plus.

Cons to Dating Men that are Younger:

  • – Young guys while they’re fun and spontaneous are not often reliable.
  • – Younger men are not always ready to commit or to be monogamous.
  • – Younger guys are messier and foul at the mouth. Can you deal with this? If you can then their shouldn’t be a problem…

Pros to Dating Men that are Older:

  • – Often older men are more charming and smooth, they really know how to say things in a way that will make you feel just like you’re walking on sunshine.
  • – They like to cook for their women.
  • – They know really good music. Perhaps, not the latest and most hippest stuff, but truly classic and timeless music and new & cool music. Middle aged dudes are pretty hot!
  • – They give real good advice across the board. From work to cooking…

Cons to Dating Men that are Older:

  • – Older guys are set in their ways. If you’re looking to mold a guy into something you’ve dreamnt of, it’s not going to happen with someone who’s 10 or more years older than you.
  • – Older men like younger women, so most like if you’re around their same age, their going to look the other way for a younger gal.
  • -Older guys tend to have a wondering eye.

In conclusion, both young and older men have their perks and their down falls. How can you tell which type of man is good for you? You can’t! It’s all up to your personality, attitude and what you are looking for, what attracts you. Perhaps, a good way to approaching dating is not to think about it so much rather than going with your gut feeling. You might discover that perhaps, while you’re looking for an older man to go out with, you really mesh better with a younger guy.

If you’re a woman that only dates younger men you may discover that they’re not all that cracked to be and that a man close to your age would be more suitable.

When dating, you should go into the game with an open heart, mind and soul. Don’t leave your shield at home but do let down your guard, you might surprise yourself with what you really like. Keep an open heart and mind and happy dating!

Be sure to visit Meet Locals Blog Regularly for the best dating advice on the web!

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What Dudes Really Want To Ask You

On first dates dudes are as curious as you are, especially if they’re particularly interested in you. Don’t think you’re the only one that wants to ask him a bunch of personal questions, that are simply not appropriate at the time. They’re equally mischievously curious about your past and your thoughts.

Learn What His Jerky Moves Mean

Here are some questions they would ask if they could just have it their way, without breaking in a first date code.

  • – How many guys are you currently dating?
  • – On scale of 1-10 how high maintenance do you consider yourself to be?
  • – Do you talk to your ex?
  • – How long did it take for you to do that cool, smoky look on your eyes?
  • – How many dates should we go on before we start splitting the bill?

Wow! Yes, these are just some of the things that randomly pass through your date’s mind. They’re random, personal and all over the place, but isn’t that how technically we normally think, until we just focus on one thing? Guys are so very curious and they want ask the whole nine yards. Some are bold enough to ask some and see how far they can take it and some just don’t. And women are sometimes more than willing to answer more than necessary while others like to hold back. But either way, we’re all very curious and want to know a whole lot.


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