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Kristen Stewrat Turning To Booze, Drugs & Plastic Surgery After Cheating Scandal

Kristen Stewart was waiting for some life changing experiences to happen to her. Something that would change her life forever. She couldn’t wait to “get f****d over by someone.” However, her impatience was so grand she ended up ruining a few of lives including hers to a significant extent. Is this the kind of material she needed for a more substantial life experience? An affair, people hurt, mistrust, betrayal?

Her affair or fling with Rupert Sanders- Director of Snow White and the Huntsmen has been an epic revelation and just as she wished, nothing will ever be the same. Rupert Sanders betrayed his wife, Liberty Ross just to be with her, which, naturally he should hold his own crucifix for this. Fans are really mad at her, her thoughtless acts and the way she hurt the man that kissed the ground she walked on. If she ever truly loved him, she was only open and splendid about it as she publicly apologized for her indiscretion.

Where will Kristen Stewart go from here? Well, there aren’t too many places. Either she shuts her trap and rolls with the punches while remaining in hiatus or she can do what everyone else in Hollywood does, turn to booze, drugs and plastic surgery.

I heard the young starlet, “the too cool for school” gal has already received a breast augmentation. Something I can’t even fathom the actress doing. This may or may not be true. It’s truly miraculous what a good bra can do.  However, she seems like the type of girl that may turn to booze and drugs as an escape.

Kristen Stewart is relatively smart and was handling herself in an awkward but admirable way amongst the Hollywood frenzy surrounding the Twilight Saga in which she plays Bella, a typical, somewhat clumsy teenage girl that only falls in love with a vampire that loves her right back. “Yeah, yeah, just typical teenage girl crap…Sure…” Anyway, that private, uncomfortable demeanor with quick, clever come backs are not going to be useful for Kristen Stewart any longer.

In short, she got more than she ever bargained for when she decided she could get away with fooling around with Rupert Sanders. Life will never be the same for her, whether or not she turns to booze, drugs & plastic surgery. She fouled up big time. It’s going to take a minute before she lives this one down.

If she hangs in there like a trooper, she’ll live through this, though she will be forever changed. Once those pictures of her and Rupert Sanders hit the street she got on a whole new plain. We all hope she recovers from this with minimum damage and oodles of life experience. Good Luck Kristen!

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Kristen Stewart Cheats On Robert Pattison- She Receives Oral Sex From Rupert Sanders Inside Of Car

Twilight fans out there today will either be utterly sad or bursting with fruit flavor as Kristen Stewart is caught cheating on Robert Pattinson. Racy photos have surfaced in which Kristen Stewart is kissing and being held by Rupert Sanders, the director for Snow White and the Huntsman in very compromising ways. There’s no doubt that both parties were being unfaithful to their corresponding partners. Kristen Stewart has been dating her Twilight, co-star- Robert Pattinson and Ruper Sanders is married to model- Liberty Ross and they have two small children together. Obviously, this little affair or “mistake” as Kristen Stewart puts it is putting many people through oodles of pain.

In one of the photos it appears as if Kristen Stewart is receiving oral sex from Rupert Sanders as all you can see is her back and her arms stretched across the seat and Rupert going downtown as well as kissing her entire body. We can only imagine how devastated Robert Pattinson might be as he always spoke so highly of his beloved. In an interview he once expressed that he didn’t understand “cheating.” He stated: “But there’s a thing I’ve never got: That is, why do people cheat?” He continued by saying: I can understand the impulse, But not how you can keep two relationships going at the same time for long.” Maybe Kristen Stewart can explain to him now. This is truly tragic, scandalous and unsettling discovery.

Meanwhile, Liberty Ross- Tweeted: “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” After her tweet she immediately deactivated her Twitter account. Is there any hope for any of these couples to reconcile and get past this? It seems highly doubtful, even for the forever devoted Robert Pattinson.The pictures are much to revealing and hurtful.

Sources close to Kristen Stewart say she is equally devastated and filled with regret. She says she never meant to hurt anyone and that it was a “mistake and poor use of judgement.” Rupert Sanders is 19 years her senior, could the very cautious, beautiful and intelligent- Kristen Stewart have been a victim of being dazzled/seduced by an older man with more experience, that knew just how to make this witty gal cave in? Or is she simply a cheating and thoughtless person who didn’t care about her relationship or damage she could cause to Rupert and his family?

Even creepier is that Liberty Ross had a small role in Snow White and the Huntsmen, as she plays the mother of two children in the destroyed kingdom…Now it’s all just too real and merely just a small part in a big movie.

All in all, Kristen Stewart messed up big time and if she loves Rob, she’s going to pay with blood and tears. This kind of revelation changes you forever and the ones affected by it. Whether she meant to or not; whether she was seduced or not, she’s still grown enough and smart enough to have put a swift stop to these actions.

Tune into Meet Locals Blog for more news on this developing scandal as we gather more information. Drop your comments on this matter here on Meet Locals Blog, we’d love to hear all your thoughts on this scandalous occurrence.

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Danielle Staub Real House Wife Now Stripper

Danielle Staub who was in The Real Housewife of NJ has now found a new calling and is much more real than a reality series. Danielle Staub, in now a stripper. The reality star had some work done and now bares it all in her new career.

Danielle Staub
signed a 3 year deal with the people from Scores Gentleman’s Club in NY in which she agrees to do one live appearance and occasionally appear in on The 48 year seems to be a hit success. She’s no stranger when it comes to controversy and nudity. Her scandalous sex tape is still doing rounds.

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Chaz Bono Would Love to Talk to Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie About Their Daughter: Shiloh

Chaz Bono is the son (use to be daughter) of Cher and her late husband Sonny Bono. Chaz Bono was also know as “Chastity” before undergoing gender reassignment.

The 42 year old would love to talk to Angeina Jolie and Brad Pitt about their little 4 year old daughter because he’s taken a particular interest because the little girl has made headlines for her tomboyish style.

Chaz Bono might mean well, but he is completely out of line. He would like to discuss Shiloh’s gender identity problem. The kid is 4 years old! It’s none of his business and perhaps he’s jumping the gun.

Chaz Bono told E! News: “I would love to talk to [Brad and Angelina] at some point, to at least let them know we have this resource for them if they ever need it.”

If I were Angie and Brad I would karate chop him and drop kick him in the face. He’s intrusive, rude, out of line and other peoples kids should not be brought up in racy topics if at all unless you want to get your ass kicked. Shame on you Chaz Bono!

Leave your comments. Here at MeetLocals we’d love to hear your opinion on this topic…

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Jesse James Talks About In Memoir On How He Broke News To Sandra Bullock About His Cheating

Jesse James has written a memoir titled: “American Outlaw.” In his memoir he gives intimate details of how he broke down the news to Sandra Bullock about his mistress, tattoo artist: Michelle “Bombshell” McGee.

Basically, Jesse James was contacted by one of Sandra Bullock‘s publicist advising him that his mistress had sold the story to a tabloid. I suppose this gave him time to spill the beans before Sandra saw the news all over the tabloids/media.

He says that through a conversation he confessed with all the gory details of his indiscretions. He told Sandra Bullock: “ I let her know that I had never loved this woman, that I had never cared for her at all.”

Oh, but isn’t he engaged to Michelle “Bombshell” McGee? I’m guessing this no good mother fu**er, can’t even write the truth in his darling memoir.

He also, added and wrote: “What came next was devastating,” the feeling of shame and sadness that washed over me as Sandy began to cry was almost beyond measure…I didn’t touch her. I sat frozen in my chair, watching, as Sandy’s small body shook with sobs.”

I guess he was hoping for a “Way to go Jesse!” and a high five. What a dooche!

What are your thoughts on Jesse James Memoir: “American Outlaw?”

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Family Matters Actress: Cherie Johnson Wants To Be On Playboy

Cherie Johnson
who’s well known for her role as best friend of “Laura Winslow” in sitcom: “Family Matters” and before that she also, played best friend to “Punky Brewster” in “Punky Brewster” sitcom in the 80′s wants to bare it all in Playboy.

Cherie Johnson now 35 years old and has been dreaming of being in Playboy ever since she was 18 years old. She says she wants show off her figure. However, rumors are that she wants to do it to get her career back in active standards. So many actresses have done it, why not her?

Her grandmother gave her her blessing and told Cherie Johnson that she wants an autographed copy. Now with her grandmother’s approval, she’s ready to go for it all the way, in fact she’s made it her goal.

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Sarah Sahi Calls Paris Hilton A Horrible Human Being

Sarah Sahi went on Tweet rant/tell off towards Paris Hilton after she was driving without a care in the world and perhaps, even putting lives in danger.

Sarah Sahi tweeted: “Worst driver ever.Almost hit me, then ran a stop sign. What if there was a kid around the corner, you dumb b—-.”

She continued: “What a blonde piece of sh– she should “apologize to humanity.” But wait it doesn’t end there, she also added: “Horrible excuse for a human being.”

It’s more than obvious that Sarah Sahi star of “Fairly Legal” really dislikes Paris Hilton to the point of disgust. Sarah Sahi says that perhaps, she wouldn’t have been as pist if she wasn’t a mom. But now that she is, she finds this kind of carelessness excusable.

Did Sarah Sahi go to far? Or is she right to be so mad and disgusted by Paris Hilton. We’d love to hear your thoughts…Drop your comments/opinions.

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