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Why Does He Rather Sleep Tha Have Sex With Me?

Ever had the problem that your guy rather sleep than have sex? Well, if you’re experiencing this problem, you have to factor in many things before you run amok with assumptions.

  • Could he be really tired?
  • Has not having sex become a norm for the both of you?
  • Is he going through a stressful period?

If any of the above applies to his withdrawal from you and sex then he has a good reason and there is no need to take it personal at all. You should be helping him through his rough patch so you can presume to your regular lives. If your norm is not having sex frequently, you shouldn’t be shocked. This basically indicates that you both let the passion in the relationship slip away. If you want to rekindle the spark- surprise him with some off the chain, racy lingerie. He’ll be more awake than he’s been in quite sometime.

If none of the factors above apply to you and there’s something certainly fishy going on, you can simply, flat out out ask him: “What the hell is going on?” These are the type of things that you shouldn’t allow to drag on. If he won’t say, or responds, “I don’t know,” then you need to to put your thinking cap on and put your instinct radars on high alert. For example, if he turns down sex, but with some affection towards you, or does he simply turn his back on you? The way he declines sex is crucial to get to the bottom.

Other things you might want to consider:

  • Does he normally have sex when he’s drunk or does he have to be drunk to have sex?
  • Does he pull away when you touch him?
  • Does he pick a fight with you right before going to bed?

Ever consider that maybe he’s upset with you? Have you been appreciative of him lately? Have you offered him a compliment? Have you done anything at all to let him know how much you think he’s sexy and desire him as of late? If you haven’t maybe he’s a little down. Men crave attention and love. Men want sex! They basically only complain when they’re not having sex or don’t feel desired.

So if he’s not going through a rough time, you’ve been affectionate; it’s not the norm in your relationship, then there’s only two reasons he’s being distant: Either he’s physically sick in which you need to get him to seek some help and if it’s not that, then he’s found love/sex somewhere else and you need to seriously kick his ass!



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Are You Upset At Your Ex For Having A New Girlfriend/Boyfirend Because You Love Them Or Because Your Ego Was Hurt?

Often people break up without any closure, therefore, lingering questions and curiosity is always present. Why do you think many, both women and men, become so upset when their ex’s gets a new boyfriend or girlfriend? Is it love? Highly doubtful. In fact, the cause of becoming so upset and distraught with an ex’s new union stems out of a hurt ego; not love in any way, shape or form.

Perhaps, you’ve been tracking your ex’s moves. Who he/she dates, talks to, goes out with, etc. This is just a sign of needed closure. Also, a sign that you quite haven’t moved on, but it’s certainly not a sign of someone that is still in love. If you were so in love with this “supposed” ex, you’d be trying to win their love back instead of stalking them.

Once you learn to how to distinguish the difference between a broken heart and a hurt ego, you’ll be a much happier person. You won’t feel so upset that your ex has moved on. You won’t feel compelled to check their FaceBook, Twitter or any other social network. You’ll stop making your ex the topic of most of your conversations. Slowly, but surely they’ll be put on the back burner until they finally become something of the past.

Sadly, sometimes, we cannot get the closure we so much desire. Life isn’t always fair. But either way, closure or no closure, if you’re upset about an ex having a new main squeeze it’s your ego messing with you and “boy” can your ego be an eternal, royal pain in the ass, but it’s not anything you can’t fix or re-evaluate so that you can successfully go on your merry way.

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How to Converse with Other Single Peeps on Adult Dating Sites

Even though, the entire country is dazzled for of online adult dating as it makes it easier & much more easy going to meet available women & men out there, getting it on with singles on adult online dating sites still remains on being bothersome, not as nerve racking as hooking up in real life but tricky, nonetheless. Online Adult Dating sure does serve as a buffer as you don’t feel obligated to physically approach a female or male from the go which is terribly bothersome.

So many things can go wrong, it’s just a alarming step particularly for those locals that are nervous or that are new in the dating scene. An easy route to  approach a possble prospect on online dating sites is to simply say: “Hey, what are you up to tonight?” and stuff of this nature. Don’t make to make an announcement out of it, simply be casual. If they’re not busy in messaging with someone else they’ll most likely will be prone to say  “hi” back at you. Don’t tense up now, this is not a good time for this Online Adult Dating and messaging is to to benefit your private life more easy going. Just don’t put so much importance and go for it. Be yourself & approach with the brand new men or women on your adult dating web site.

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Is Kim Kardashian a Positive Role Model or Not?

Kim Kardashian has been called a wonderful role model for young women, because of her success and her confidence as she flaunts her curvaceous body freely. She’s also been called a lush with no substance, money grubbing and superficial. What do you guys think? Is Kim Kardashian of substance or just smoke and mirrors?

Without a doubt, Kim Kardashian is a gorgeous, young woman with tons of success, beauty and wealth. But do these traits amount to much when it comes to the human spirit? Not one bit…As far as I can tell from the few times I’ve seen episodes of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and other spins offs of the original series, Kim Kardashian is nothing but pretty face with a banging body that needs a whole lot of preparation before actually showing herself on camera.

Sure, her beauty can be breath taking, but like those paintings that look gorgeous from far away but the closer you get to them, the uglier they seem- is one way to describe- Kim Kardashian to a “T“.

To begin with. if you observe her when she speaks, she lacks confidence, which is fine if she wasn’t such a cocky person. She wears way too much make-up and has cosmetic work done which she certainly did not need and it makes her look much older, frozen and fake.

All around she seems to be money hungry and a bottomless pit, a glutton of sorts. Of all three Kardashian sisters she resembles her mother- Kris Jenner the most, which is another money grubbing broad that will pull any stunt to gain money, wealth and fame.

All in all many give her props for being a successful, business woman and beautiful. But is she in fact? The fact of the matter that the “Kardashian” name is what put her on the map, along with her ass. She was wealthy before anyone knew a thing about her and she really hasn’t had to work hard for anything in her life. Should she be hated for this? Of course not! But should be given credit for it. “I think not.”

The fact of the matter, is that Kim Kardashian is probably the worse role mode for girls and young women. What are women suppose to learn from this gem of a woman? There really isn’t much because she really doesn’t seem all that bright and she’s just a pretty girl with big boobs and an ass. What notable traits that she really bestow? What grand contribution has she given human kind, except a sex tape and some eye candy.

Ladies, don’t buy into the crap that Kim Kardashian is great role model. For all you know, you’re much better of a role model than she’ll ever be. The physique aspect- about being able to flaunt your round butt and succulent curves should be credited to Jennifer Lopez.

What do you guys think, is Kim Kardashian a positive or a negative role mode?

Drop your comments here at Meet Locals Blog for we’d love to hear all about it!

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How to Inspire a Female

Males it doesn’t take lots to sway a girl, but what has more importance is the way you try to sway her. Plenty of females don’t like men who try to portray as if they are tough all the time and show no emotions; if a girl desires that she would date a wall. Fast vehicles, diamond rings only impress the chicks in music movies as real women know it is not about what a guy can get for you, but the way he respects you.

Here are Top Three Ways To Inspire A Female:

  1. Act Yourself: A lady enjoys when a man portrays himself. Don’t attempt to be someone else that you are not as it will show that you are simply a fraud.
  2. Make Certain To Be Loving: Display to a lady that she is first and will do everything just to make her joyful.
  3. Don’t Flaunt The Greens: The most thoughtful gift is what counts. Be certain to get her a gift that she is into. Don’t purchase the very high priced item in the department store for her as this will show that you are attempting to purchase her love.

Be certain to regularly treat a lady with appreciation and be kind to her and those who mean something to her. With these 3 ways implemented in your dating life you will definitely impress any girl that enters your life.

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Katy Perry Starting Her Own Record Label

Ms. Katy Perry has become bigger than life as a pop artist. For years now Katy Perry has been giving fans high ranking tracks each and every time. The pretty artist even has a film “Katy Perry: Part of Me,” in 3D, that will be released on the first Thursday of July. Ms. Katy Perry is a business woman at heart that cannot be stopped as she now goes after the title of becoming a music mogul. Katy Perry stated to press that she plans to start her recording company, but it does not have a title as of right now. Katy Perry told press, “I’m preparing for it now.” Katy Perry is following in the footsteps of other impressive music artists as Madonna and Prince.

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Mingle With the Hottest Couples On the Net This Afternoon

Web dating world is what is more popular currently and that is how countless are linking up with their dream dates. There is something thrilling about mingling with   swingers over the internet. You are only knowledgeable about this man or woman through their user profile and photos. It is the excitement of something new and not knowing what to experience when you have the opportunity to hookup in person. It’s the time that you enter into the internet mingling site and talk with your potential boyfriend or girlfriend this moment. Make certain to sing up this moment with the internet mingling and talk with the person you wished for .

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