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10 Ways To Seduce Your Guy Part #2

Meet Locals Blog is back today with 10 more ways in how to seduce your guy. The fact of the matter is that your guy probably adores the hell out of you. But, might he be bored? Let’s not even boredom enter his mind as we continue to explore 10 Ways To Seduce your Guy Part #2. We have yet another bag of tricks for you to use on your man that he will just adore, love and lust over. You’ll have him on his toes constantly as he looks forward to your next sexy and naughty move…

Here are 10 Ways To Seduce Your Guy Part #2

  • 1. While having dinner at one of your favorites spots, reach under the dining table and subtly outline the shape of his member. While you do this, look at him in the eyes until you’rr done with your outline. His jaw will surely drop.
  • 2. Wear a little cock tail dress, something simple and sexy with a zipper on the back. Go out and do your thing. When you get back home, ask him to unzip your little black number- let it drop to the floor and reveal that the entire time you were wearing nothing at all beneath. He’s going to go mad with your bad girl ways!
  • 3. If you’re out and at a noisy club or bar, with your finger motion him to come closer so you can tell him something in his ear. Instead, run some chills down his spine as you kiss, lick and breath warmth into his ear. Be prepared, he might call it a night and be ready to take you back home and make sweet love to you.
  • 4. If you wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, come back to bed entirely naked. Next, you might wake up to your hunky dude pawing away at your body.
  • 5. If you get stuck in a rainstorm, make the best of it. Take off your raincoat and let your shirt get soaked. When he opens the door, he’ll be so happy to see you and get you out of your soaked garments.
  • 6. If you enjoy doddleling. You don’t have to be no Van Gogh, just doodle a picture of a man doing doggy style for example to a woman and title it: “What I Want You to do to me Tonight.” Sneak your X-rated doodle into his pocket. Once he discovers your work of art, he’ll only have you and your booty on his mind all day long.
  • 7. Guys just love thongs. Don’t wear them all the time in an obvious way, because it will become a norm, but every so often wear your snugged, favorite jeans and be sure to give your thong a little breathing space mainly so that your guy can steal peeps at your sexiness.
  • 8. Serve some yummy breakfast for your honey. Make it yummier by letting him chow down his breakfast off your naked body. You’ll both enjoy desert and that’s for sure!
  • 9. After coming back from the gym and being all sweaty and sexy, tell him how much you were thinking of him inside of you while you were on the treadmill. Prepare yourself to have to purchase a new sports bra!
  • 10. Hand wash one of the smallest underwear garments you own and put it to air dry by his cologne or tooth brush, somewhere where he will surely see it and fall into a state of pure ecstasy as he stares at the tiny piece of fabric as he imagines how it looks when you wear it.

Well, we’ve just given you another load of sexy ways to seduce your guy…Just like the first list, this list consists of clever and sexy ways to get your man’s full attention and have him lusting over you all the time. These are all simple little things you can do that can shoot your relationship into the stars. Again, we leave it up to you to take these tips and put them to good use. Tune into Meet Locals Blog for 10 Ways To Seduce Your Guy Part #3, our final list of off the chain ways to seduce your man!

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10 Ways To Seduce Your Guy Part #1

No matter how hot you are or sexy we have to continuously look for ways to seduce our men, so that they never bore and there’s always an air of spontaneity and a sense of erotica in the air that keeps your man always interested and looking forward for more.

Here are 10 Ways To Seduce Your Guy:

1. When you buy a new fragrance, give your dude a whiff of it and then tell him to guess/find in which part of your body you spritz it. (Tip: Be Naughty!)

2. After a shower, shout out his favorite pet name you have for him and ask him to bring you a towel. Let him take a nice look at you as you stand there vulnerable and naked- pretty much ready be devoured. He will so love this! (Get ready for some intense, hot sex.)

3. If you happen to buy a new vibrator, preferably a finger one…Hide you’re latest toy to your collection in the bottom of his cereal box, eventually it will pour onto his plate, hopefully before he pours the milk. But either way, he’s going to think you’re such a bad girl and he’s going to be counting the seconds until he can get his hands on you.

4. If you’re one to jog and sometimes jog with your man. One day on a lonesome path ask him to stop for a second so that you can supposedly tie your shoe. Instead start giving him some oral. He’ll be surprised and delighted!

5. Wear a a tight tank, preferably in white and no bra and jump your honey’s lap as you begin to straddle him.

6. Let his morning wake up call come to him as a suck on his finger as you would on his penis. This will automatically wake him up feeling all oozy with bliss and lust.

7. When you know he’s on his way home, commence to give yourself some solo pleasure and “accidentally” dial his number. Let him hear you out as you go off with some moaning and “ahhs and oohhhs“. (Watch out when he gets home he will ravish you with great vengeance.)

8. If you live on a 2nd or 3rd floor or more, take the stairs one day while you’re are wearing a short skirt and some lacy underwear. Be sure to be up the steps ahead of him. (Some outdoor/stair action might result) Have a ball!

9. As an evening snack or dessert have a Popsicle. Lick and tease it right in front of your honey bunny. You’re going to drive him insane with lust!

10. Quickly grab his phone and take a snap shot of your boobs or the inside of your thighs and leave it there for him to discover. When you see his eyes pop out of his head, it’ll be confirmation that’s he’s stumbled into your little surprise.

Alright so we’ve hooked you up with some pretty awesome ideas on how to seduce your guy. Now it’s up to you to put these simple but naughty advices to good use. Have fun while you do it. He’ll love it and you’ll both end up having a great time. These spontaneous, racy acts will keep the relationship fresh and interesting and you’ll always have him looking forward to your next sexy antic. Be sure to be back to Meet Locals Blog for 10 Ways To Seduce Your Guy Part#2. It will be packing with galore of more ways make your main squeeze go wild!



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Pros & Cons To Dating Younger Men/Older Men

Single women are always going back and forth on what men should they date. Should they be young? Should they be older? Where do to they work? What are their goals? And a harassment of sorts of questions and expectations. But today we’re going to focus just on the pros and cons of dating young men and/or older men and we’re going to nail it because like most things in life- both have their pros and cons.

Pros to Dating Men that are Younger:

  • – Younger guys are more open minded in general, therefore, there’s more of a likelihood that he’ll be open to your opinions, suggestions and anything of the sort.
  • – Obviously, for the most part young guys are funner and willing to try new things.
  • – Younger guys truly appreciate a more experienced woman both mentally and physically and that’s always a plus.

Cons to Dating Men that are Younger:

  • – Young guys while they’re fun and spontaneous are not often reliable.
  • – Younger men are not always ready to commit or to be monogamous.
  • – Younger guys are messier and foul at the mouth. Can you deal with this? If you can then their shouldn’t be a problem…

Pros to Dating Men that are Older:

  • – Often older men are more charming and smooth, they really know how to say things in a way that will make you feel just like you’re walking on sunshine.
  • – They like to cook for their women.
  • – They know really good music. Perhaps, not the latest and most hippest stuff, but truly classic and timeless music and new & cool music. Middle aged dudes are pretty hot!
  • – They give real good advice across the board. From work to cooking…

Cons to Dating Men that are Older:

  • – Older guys are set in their ways. If you’re looking to mold a guy into something you’ve dreamnt of, it’s not going to happen with someone who’s 10 or more years older than you.
  • – Older men like younger women, so most like if you’re around their same age, their going to look the other way for a younger gal.
  • -Older guys tend to have a wondering eye.

In conclusion, both young and older men have their perks and their down falls. How can you tell which type of man is good for you? You can’t! It’s all up to your personality, attitude and what you are looking for, what attracts you. Perhaps, a good way to approaching dating is not to think about it so much rather than going with your gut feeling. You might discover that perhaps, while you’re looking for an older man to go out with, you really mesh better with a younger guy.

If you’re a woman that only dates younger men you may discover that they’re not all that cracked to be and that a man close to your age would be more suitable.

When dating, you should go into the game with an open heart, mind and soul. Don’t leave your shield at home but do let down your guard, you might surprise yourself with what you really like. Keep an open heart and mind and happy dating!

Be sure to visit Meet Locals Blog Regularly for the best dating advice on the web!

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Mobile Dating History

Web adult dating has been popular for many years, but in the year 2003 it came about after ProxiDating was originally introduced. This new method of finding dates had accessed Bluetooth to guide its users to find other daters that was within a short distance from them. This form of mobile dating actually didn’t sky rocked, but that didn’t stop the mobile app dating world from trying innovative business. WEBDATE made themselves known as soon as the website released their version of mobile app dating during the year of 2004. Sad part is that its members didn’t have a successful experience and were not willing to use it because they did not have a smart phone; yet it was still a marvelous start for mobile app dating.

The year of 2005, WEBDATE had over 40,000 mobile app members and it seemed to continue to grow. It truly was not until the announcement of the IPHONE during the year of 2007 that mobile app adult dating members were allowed to absolutely enjoy the mobile dating apps of their ideal adult dating personals. Most have stated that the IPHONE changed the way the world viewed accessing the mobile app adult dating service. It was not until the year 2010 when mobile adult dating ranked higher than internet adult dating. During the year of 2012, the mobile app adult dating business saw a big jump in demand from its members as a lot of advanced cell phones like the Android became high in demand. From this point on mobile app adult dating will move forward to become popular and allow members a fascinating involvement on adult personals.

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Capture a Dude’s Focus

Dating will be definitely not easy at times and if you do not have the correct guidance you can absolutely go on bad dates. Several daters lean towards to ask family members for guidance, but the most affective way to get the best guidance is to seeking lots of net dating webpages as they are filled with help. Chicks, do not distress as you will totally be able to meet your knight and shining armor in due time when you take advantage of these easily done methods to get a man’s focus.

1. Always Smile

2. Dress In Nice Fitted Clothing

3. Be Fun

You have to be thinking, is it true that only 3 methods truly get a guy’s focus. Yes, indeed! You only have to incorporate these 3 simple methods to make sure that you capture the man’s capture. Believe me, if you do this you will have that guy head over heels over your humor and that is what you desire. You never have the knowledge of if your fantasy partner is near and all you have to do is give him a hot grin.

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