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What To Wear On A First Date

I’m sure all the ladies out there will agree, finding the right outfit to wear on your first date is a stressful event. Of course you want to look your best and leave a lasting impression. After all it’s a known fact that the first impression is what tends to count the most. After all it’s that first impression that will determine whether or not you’ll be seeing each other again.

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Why Do People Become Alarmed When You Say ‘We Need To Talk’

Have you ever wondered why when you mention the need or desire to TALK people automatically become alarmed and  defensive. I finally figured it out after reading an article on Pretty Fed Up. It brought a whole new light to what that phrase actually means. Now I understand why people react the way they do; it’s cause they have every right to.  It said that ‘talk’ equals ‘alarming changes’, I’m sure we can all agree that alarming changes are scary and a good reason to feel defensive and prepared for the worse.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Top 10 Great Sex Songs For Lunch Time Love Making

There are some songs that gets us really going once we here it playing in the background. Some people say the best time to get it on is during the day time. If you have the time during your lunch break to get it in then go for it! Nothing is more sensual and exciting then a mid-day love making session. Of course getting it on late at night is romantic, but can sometimes lack that passion and effort due to both parties being completely drained from the work day.  Read the rest of this entry »

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