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Family Matters Actress: Cherie Johnson Wants To Be On Playboy

Cherie Johnson
who’s well known for her role as best friend of “Laura Winslow” in sitcom: “Family Matters” and before that she also, played best friend to “Punky Brewster” in “Punky Brewster” sitcom in the 80’s wants to bare it all in Playboy.

Cherie Johnson now 35 years old and has been dreaming of being in Playboy ever since she was 18 years old. She says she wants show off her figure. However, rumors are that she wants to do it to get her career back in active standards. So many actresses have done it, why not her?

Her grandmother gave her her blessing and told Cherie Johnson that she wants an autographed copy. Now with her grandmother’s approval, she’s ready to go for it all the way, in fact she’s made it her goal.

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Sarah Sahi Calls Paris Hilton A Horrible Human Being

Sarah Sahi went on Tweet rant/tell off towards Paris Hilton after she was driving without a care in the world and perhaps, even putting lives in danger.

Sarah Sahi tweeted: “Worst driver ever.Almost hit me, then ran a stop sign. What if there was a kid around the corner, you dumb b—-.”

She continued: “What a blonde piece of sh– she should “apologize to humanity.” But wait it doesn’t end there, she also added: “Horrible excuse for a human being.”

It’s more than obvious that Sarah Sahi star of “Fairly Legal” really dislikes Paris Hilton to the point of disgust. Sarah Sahi says that perhaps, she wouldn’t have been as pist if she wasn’t a mom. But now that she is, she finds this kind of carelessness excusable.

Did Sarah Sahi go to far? Or is she right to be so mad and disgusted by Paris Hilton. We’d love to hear your thoughts…Drop your comments/opinions.

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Charlie Sheen Bails Out Ex BaseBall Player: Dykstra

Charlie Sheen came to the rescue when his good friend, ex baseball player, Dykstra was thrown into the slammer after being charged for bankruptcy fraud. He was held on a $150,000 bail for almost a week, that’s when Charlie Sheen stepped in and put forth 15 percent of the payment, which is $22,500.

Charlie Sheen stated: “The rendition guilty trolls that kidnapped my dear friend Nails clearly forgot that he’s a fellow Vatican assassin and his best pal is a warlock.”

Apparently Charlie Sheen considers Dykstra, also known as “Nails” a very good friend. After all Dykstra has had Charlie Sheen‘s back when he’s been in unpleasant circumstances. Dykstra has previously hired  a top lawyer to negotiate the actor’s return to “Two and a Half Men” after he was fired back in March.

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Alex Pettyfer Speaks Of Crotch Tattoo In VMAN Magazine Interview

Alex Pettyfer, 21 year old star of “Beastly” speaks to VMAN Magazine about his tattoo in crotch area that reads: “Thank You.” According to Alex Pettyfer its there in case he forgets to thank any of his conquests.

Alex Pettyfer sure does have a bad boy attitude but makes no apologies, in fact it seems as though he glorifies in his “I don’t give a crap” attitude. Personally, I find it a little cocky, but nonetheless admirable. He’s not crazy about the Hollywood scene and doesn’t really care if he makes it as an actor.

Alex Pettyfer exact words regarding Hollywood in VMAN Interview: “L.A. is growing on me a little bit, but it’s still a s**t hole, I think it’s this insidious pool where nearly everyone lives in fear. Geographically it’s fantastic, but socially it’s disgusting. I wish they’d run all the c**ts out.

I’m really starting to like this dude, he definitely has good intuition and a rather good grasp on what’s real and what’s crap for being such a young lad.

He also, added: “I really don’t give a s**t about any of that, I wish I had some interesting stories about living in L.A., but mostly I just do my work and then go home. Being an actor is like being in prison. You go, you serve your time, you try and replicate Johnny Depp‘s career and then you move to Paris.

Sounds like he’s on to something. What are your thoughts Alex Pettyfer? We’d like to hear your comments and opinions. Be sure to drop them in comment box.

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Brooke Mueller Refuses To Take Drug Test

Part of the custody settlement between Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen is that both of them would take monthly drug tests. This Monday, Brooke Mueller backed down and refused to take her drug test this week. Friends of Brooke Mueller say that they think she’s slipping back into drugs. She’s been spotted trying to sell expensive items. The $55,000 a week that Charlie Sheen gives her and the babies isn’t sufficient to keep up with an addiction. Refusing a court ordered test is like having a dirty test.

Has Brooke Mueller fallen of the wagon? All is pointing to this very sad conclusion. Leave comments in comment box, we’d love to hear from our readers…

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Natalie Portman’s Dance Double: Sarah Lane Not Backing Down

After some speculation over Natalie Portman‘s dancing in Black Swan, many people including her fiance and director of the film came to her defense. Sarah Lane her dance double in the film just won’t back down, she continues to insist that she did most of the dancing in the film…

She certainly hasn’t been a happy girl since Natalie Portman won an Oscar for best actress. Sarah lane says that after her interview with Glamour Magazine in which she spoke of her involvement in the movie, she was contacted by one of the film’s producers and asked to stop doing interviews until after the Oscar’s because it was making Natalie Portman look bad.

The distraught ballerina in 20/20 said: “They were trying to create this image, this facade, really, that Natalie had done something extraordinary. Something that is pretty much impossible. . .to become a professional ballerina in a year and half, Even with as hard as she worked, it takes so much more. It takes 22 years, it takes 30 years to become a ballerina

It really does make “one” wonder: Did Natalie Portman really do most of the dancing in Black Swan or was it her fellow dance double, Sarah Lane who cam e through with the dancing? What are your thoughts, we’d love to hear your opinions…

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Bree Olson Leaves Charlie Sheen Yet Again

Bree Olson, one of Charlie Sheen‘s Goddesses and also well known porn actress has left Charlie Sheen yet again. In early March she left him after they had a fight and now she leaves again when she was accompanying Charlie in his tour: “My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option, in Toronto. Apparently, Bree Olson can’t take Charlie anymore and even though they were Toronto for his 18th show, she packed her bags and left him.

However, Charlie Sheen‘s other Goddess: Natalie Kenly is still on “Team Winning” and seems to enjoy Charlie Sheen for all that he is. No word yet of Bree Olson and if she plans to return to Charlie or has already, indeed.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Should the young adult entertainer return to the unconventional trio or should she part ways for good? Drop your comments!

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