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Train Wreck Relationships

Sometimes we find ourselves in relationships that resemble a train wreck much more than a loving relationship where two people share common interests, admiration and respect. However, these toxic, train wreck unions sometimes become a vicious cycle of fighting and making up only to fight again. Needless to say, it’s detrimental to a person’s state of mind and self esteem.

Here are just a few Red Flags that indicate that you’re in a train wreck of a relationship, in case you haven’t noticed:

  • You curse and disrespect each other often if not all the time.
  • You don’t respect each other’s privacy.
  • You don’t trust the person you’re in a relationship with. (Constant accusations of being unfaithful and cheating)
  • You make up after you’ve said the most atrocious things to one another, broken walls and threatened each other physically.
  • If you feel a nagging resentment for your spouse/boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • You can’t even hold the simplest conversation without it turning into a full blown out fight.

These are some of the many common traits of downward spiral relationships. If you find yourself in one and this has been going on for longer than you can even remember. It’s time MOVE ON. Not only are you ruining your life but that one of your spouse/boyfriend and vice versa. Someone in the relationship has to conjure up the courage to put an end to the viciousness. It’s not fair to any of you.

Sometimes things can end up even worse than the miserable days you impose on one another. Put an end to it before something you can’t walk away from happens that will indefinitely ruin your lives. Couples counseling also may be helpful. But when you’ve gone this far, at least a good break from each other to reflect on your relationship is recommended.

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Bisexual Nicki Minaj

This hot hip hop artist has been making major waves as soon as she hit the industry with her looks, unique talents, banging body with the big booty, and her sexuality being BISEXUAL. She has yet to deny these allegations about this so called rumor but with song themes and interviews alleging that she takes a dip in the other pool we can only imagine them to do true.

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10 Best His Or Her Valentine Gifts

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner there’s shopping to be done. To help you all out in the process, check out the top 10 ranking gifts for both him and her. Make sure to keep in mind your special someone’s interest and what matters most is that the gift comes from heart.

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her
• The traditional bouquet of red roses is still a big winner.
• A box of Chocolates; assuming she is a chocolate lover.
• A CD of heart felt songs.
• An ipod.
• The latest cell phone.
• Air or cruise line tickets for a weekend trip to your favorite destination!
• Jewelry
• An entire day with you filled with fun and romantic things todo.
• A photo frame with a great picture of you or the both of you.
• Their favorite perfume

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him
• Their favorite Cologne
• A watch
• Intimate bedrooms gifts
• The latest cell phone
• Grooming products
• Video Games or DVD’s
• Weekend getaway
• Digital photo frame
• Game tickets
• Fashion accessories

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